10 on tuesday: favourite times

There are a ton of moments in my life that stand out to me as the best things I’ve done. I know there are a ton more times to come and experiences that I will have that will give these moments a run for their money but as of right now, these are my top 10 favourite times that I’ve had so far.

▸ Graduating university:

IMG_5303 IMG_5385
▸ Graduating high school:


▸ Being a big sister:

IMG_1150 IMG_2227
▸ Traveling to Disney World for the first time:

▸ Spending summers with family:

IMG_2505 IMG_2862 IMG_2868 IMG_3063 IMG_0845 IMG_0850 IMG_5377 IMG_5388 IMG_5395
▸ Experiencing Cuba:

IMG_3400 IMG_3549 IMG_3576 IMG_0075 IMG_0144
▸ My aunt’s wedding:

IMG_2527 IMG_2555 IMG_2740 IMG_2793
▸ Scoring the final goal in a shootout to get my team into soccer provincials in the last season my best friends and I all played together:

1917986_242350450243_2668055_n rdfgh

▸ Dancing on stage with my best friend year after year:

tfyhIMG_3348 IMG_3350

▸ All of the adventures with this guy:

IMG_3333 IMG_0770 IMG_1466 IMG_0488 IMG_8873_2 IMG_9028_2 IMG_6840 IMG_7554 IMG_7721 IMG_8048 IMG_8067 IMG_8117 IMG_8203 IMG_5424 IMG_8265 IMG_8407 IMG_9207 IMG_0236 IMG_0322 IMG_0359 IMG_0601

What have you loved so far in your life? Share your favourite moments!


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