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You guys.

I’ve been having a blasty blast down here at the beach house – I am so not ready to come home! Thankfully I only have a three-day work week before we get to head back here for another four days. I sure hope my work days fly by!

This weekend has been JUST what the doctor ordered & I can only hope that next weekend will be even better. I found gluten free graham crackers at the grocery store, so basically as long as I get a s’more next weekend, my days will be made.

01. Seriously craving s’mores and BBQ. BBQ is coming tonight and s’mores will be coming in T-3 days so I can barely wait.

02. Daniel and I keep throwing around vacation ideas & we’re totally leaning towards Iceland. I mean, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a more beautiful place ( other than maybe this beach and / or Greece… ) so needless to say, I am excited.

03. I can’t wait to start yoga again.

04. And seriously focus on meditation & mantras. I need my life centred ASAP.

05. I’m actually getting so excited for fall – and online shopping is just adding to that excitement. F21 is seriously stepping up their fashion game lately. All of their fall stuff is SO dang cute. I want it all.

06. The one thing that I am not excited for is cold weather & school projects – blahhh.

07. I’m obsessed with chocolate covered almonds – I’m pretty sure I’m going to turn into one after this weekend.

08. I’ve walked the beach 3 times today and played frisbee, ate nachos, watched the Olympics but I’ve only caught one Pokemon… #annoying.

09. I’m not looking forward to getting groceries at 9pm tonight because after all this heat and a two-hour drive, I know I’m just going to want to go right to sleep.

10. Writing blog posts to the sound of the ocean waves crashing is the most peacefully relaxing thing & I wish I could write like this all the time. I’d have so much content up!

I’m off to eat some BBQ, watching some baseball and probably walk the beach one ( or two! ) more times!

I hope you all had a great weekend & make this week a good one.

Talk later,

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