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july17 46 july17 47 july17 48 july17 49 july17 50 july17 51 july17 52 july17 53Sunday, Sunday.

I love you even more when you’re not the end of the weekend. Long weekends ROCK.

01. Beach house vacation = THIS FRIDAY.

02. Had such a successful shopping day today with my aunt & mama.

03. Excited to start shooting fall fashion posts… TOMORROW!

04. Super bummed that my BF is going away this week for work… to sleep-away camp… for 3 days. BOO. Can’t we send kids away without supervision??? Ha.

05. Currently watching Grease Live for the 300th time ( slight exaggeration but not by much, just being real ) & I’m still equally obsessed.

06. Wishing that my closet consisted of ALL of the clothes from Gossip Girl.

07. Maybe kinda sorta hopefully have convinced my mom that we should get Netflix for the house. Here’s hoping!

08. Julianne Hough is seriously my idol.

09. I REALLY MISS DANCING. I need to take it up again.

10. Cannot believe that tomorrow is August like ummmm, what?! Slow down summer.


This dress.

Or t-shirt.

T-shirt dress?


I’m pretty sure it’s actually a t-shirt, BUT I wear it as a t-shirt dress most of the time. I love the length and the material is ah-mazing. So soft & stretchy.

As soon as I put this on, Daniel said “what are you, Kanye West?” & I laughed way too hard. I never really noticed that it looks exactly like something Kanye would design. The colour, the bagginess, the rips… but I love it anyway.

Happy Sunday guys! Hope you’ve had a great weekend & if you happen to have a long weekend too, I hope you enjoy tomorrow!

Chat soon,

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