10 things from this moment in time // 05.06.2016


Hollaaa lovers! Today was such a great day… I don’t think there’s a day I like more than Sundays – I mean yes, Thursdays have & always will be my favourite-favourite day, but there’s something just so chill, relaxing, refreshing and invigorating about Sundays. It’s the start of the new week and it’s time to set some goals and intentions and GET TO WORK.

001.  I am determined to not let myself get down. Last week was a sucky week all around ( had some MAJOR work issues, stomach troubles and was just basically useless all week ) but I am on a mission to create happiness and be at peace this week.

002.  Slowing down is seriously the #1 thing on my to-do list lately. I’m over-doing it in a lot of aspects of my life and not leaving a ton of time for me and to do things I love.

003.  The Instagram plugin for WordPress hasn’t been working for a week now and it’s really starting to drive me insaaaane.

004.  Another determination for this week – working out. Last week I let it slip and only did 2/5 days but this week I am going to do at least SOMETHING every single day.

005.  My mom and I watched Daniel’s soccer game tonight and I’m super pumped to go to more all throughout the summer – I’m just really hoping I don’t have to wear my winter coat and a blanket.

006.  Speaking of still wearing winter coats… summer where are you!?

007.  Birkenstocks are my go-to piece of footwear lately. I just can’t stop wearing them.

008.  My car is making some weird-funky noises as of Friday night and I’m really really hoping that there’s no severe damage. I mean SERIOUSLY I drive like a grandma & haven’t hit a bump / run over anything ( except the curb today, oops ) so I really don’t know what happened.

009.  Currently debating on whether or not I want to paint my room – pro: cute room, refreshing update, new colour scheme… cons: moving out soon-ish ( couple more years MAX!! can’t wait to be done school ), painting is annoying, expensive, hardwork, committing to a colour is difficult… decisions, decisions.

010.  All I can think about right now is how much I am craving a green juice right now but it’s 10pm on a Sunday night & nothing is open. Monday morning green juice date, anyone!?

Have the best week! XO


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