10 things from this moment in time | 06.26.2016.

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Hi hi helloooo. I survived this long weekend at work & surprisingly, I am totally READY for the week ahead.

Tomorrow is my last day at the after school program – SO crazy. I’m actually not prepared to leave these kiddos. The bonds that I’ve made with so many of them mean so much to me and I’ll miss them over the summer.

But with that being said, I am so ready to start summer camp for another year. It is also so crazy to me that this is my fifth year working camp for the same organization and my sixth year total working summer camps.

I have Tuesday off, basically my last “day off”, minus two holidays, until August 19th. After Tuesday, we have two planning days for summer camp, Canada Day on Friday ( holiday #1! YAY ), a weekend and then camp starts the next Monday ( !!!!! ). Where the heck has time gone / I have not mentally prepared for summer camp / I need another two weeks to sleep in preparation for these seven weeks.

Summer camps are such a blast ( for the most part… they do get exhausting and can be incredibly overwhelming ). They are so rewarding, though. And who doesn’t want to get paid to play games, do crafts, go on kickass trips and spend a day each week at the beach!?


Today’s ’10 things from this moment in time’ is dedicated to my thoughts about my blog lately… Read on and give me your opinions, please & thx.

01.  I’m going through a bit of an identity crisis with this blog and totally on a mission to revamp and make it feel more like ME.

02.  I’ve just spent the last few hours changing a few things, creating a new site logo and have started editing my photos differently.


03.  I’m also debating on whether or not I want to change my URL… it’s easy, it’s free… I’m just so indecisive.

04.  I’d really like to just do fashion posts for basically ever but I don’t want to limit myself and feel stuck again. If you remember, I went through this earlier in the beginning of the year and I feel like I’m right back where I started.

05.  I love telling stories, I love wellness, beauty, travelling, lifestyle blogging but I also love fashion.

06.  I’ve decided that I’m going to allow myself to incorporate it ALL. I’m going to post fashion posts when I want to do that, I’m going to post wellness posts when I feel like it, I’m going to share recipes whenever my heart wants to do that, and I’m going to share travel posts whenever my wallet allows me to do so – ha.

07.  I’m totally still going to focus on TIBTours and work on getting a post up at least once a week featuring a place I’ve been because I’m passionate about that too.

08.  I have SO many ideas and so little time.

09.  I need about 10 days in a week so that I can share all of the content that I want to in a week! Eeeekkk, I feel so inspired to share, share, share but not enough time to do it all!

10.  With that all being said, I also have another exciting thing coming up soon… but that’ll have to wait until another day. ; )

Thanks for sticking with me! Have a good week! XO


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