10 things from this moment in time | 07.03.2016

july1 23

No amount of coffee can wake me up today. I am SO lazy & loving life on this beautiful sunny Sunday… I don’t want to be productive, no way. Not today… please…

I’ve been putting off getting ready for over an hour now. Good thing I’m just going to shoot some pictures and hang out with Daniel, and not like go to work or something that I actually need to be on time for.

This weekend has really been SO chill & I think it’s just the start of a ton of chill weekends to come this summer. Last night we saw Finding Dory and we need to just take a moment…

It was SO cute.

Not as cute, or near as good as Finding Nemo, because duh, nothing can ever come close. BUT Finding Dory was definitely as good as I had hoped. It was super heartwarming and just genuinely happy. I loved it.


01.  It’s summer camp time and that means it’s cheese string time & I couldn’t be more excited. I actually jumped up & down in Costco the other day when my mom put them in the cart.

02.  I’m way too excited for my family’s beach house trip this summer. Only 32 days left. #butwho’scounting

03.  A dog would be ideal to own – a cute little puppy. I have SUCH bad dog fever.

04.  Selena Gomez, here we come! Nicole and I are going to her concert on September 4th which is in only two months! I haven’t been to a concert in SO long.

05.  I’m still waiting on my new new bed to be delivered. This is such a long process… I’m so done with waiting. It’s officially been 7 months.

06.  I used to be really bad at saying ‘no’ & I would say ‘yes’ to just about everything and overcommit myself but lately I’m using the word ‘no’ more and more, and I’m definitely happier.

07.  Skin cancer terrifies me and watching my grandpa go through all he has these past two weeks has really reinforced my drive to protect myself against it.

08.  My car has been making a ridiculous noise this week and my dad just took it for a drive and he said it’s okay. #godbless

09.  It’s supposed to rain for a week straight starting Wednesday and I just might cry if that happens. Booooo. Gimme sunshine.

10.  Daniel’s going to kill me if I don’t go get ready soon, so I’m off! Chat soon. XO


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