10 things from this moment in time | 07.10.2016

What’s up what’s up! It’s Sunday AGAIN? How? Time’s flying.

I’ve basically been a zombie all week / weekend because day camp started and getting in a routine of early nights and early mornings is actually quite hard.

Plus I’m SO not used to being this active and busy during the day. I had aches in my legs in places I didn’t even remember existed. It felt like I had run a marathon but really I had just played excessive amounts of soccer, walked to numerous playgrounds and hiked around to bus stops ( that are really not well situated over the city, I must say ).

There was one night that I was actually in bed at 8pm and asleep before 9pm because I was so exhausted ha! Hopefully I’m back on a schedule now and this week will be much easier to survive.

Yesterday we went out for an early afternoon bar crawl to celebrate Daniel’s dad’s 50th birthday, but Daniel and I didn’t last past the first stop. His allergies have been NUTS lately and he decided that he didn’t want to suffer any more in public – so he decided to go get a tattoo instead???? Makes sense right???? The tattoo does look amazing though! We ended the night by driving to Alexah’s cottage ( in the middle of nowhere – like absolutely no cell reception or anything! ) & ate waayyyy too many delicious dips. I’m pretty much still full now.


01.  I’m still wayyy too excited for the beach house trip this summer. #26days weeeee

02.  There is no fridge / freezer combo worse than the one that is in my house. Seriously. I don’t know what it is but nothing fits, nothing stays put and you can NEVER close it – even when there’s basically no food in it.

03.  Music is one thing that I am totally obsessed with again right now. Music is a hot & cold thing in my life but right now it’s one of my favourites.

04.  I can’t wait for Tuesday when it’s actually supposed to get sunny outside!!

05.  Daniel and I are shooting more photos today & I am so looking forward to it.

06.  I am determined to work out every single day this week. I miss it.

07.  One Tree Hill and I are going to have a long overdue date ASAP. It’s my favourite show and I used to watch it all the time, but it’s been a couple years now.

08.  I’ve been so good drinking a ton of water every day & I really slacked off yesterday and could tell! Your body needs water so make sure you drink it lots.

09.  Pretty Little Liars is BACK AND IT’S SO GOOD.

10.  I can’t wait to go on a summer adventure next weekend.

Thanks for reading & I’ll be back tomorrow with a new fashion post. XO


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