10 things from this moment in time | 07.17.2016

july17 7 july17 8 july17 9 july17 10 july17 11 july17 12Hellooo Sunday evening, we meet again.

This has been SUCH a well-needed and much deserved super lazy weekend & I have loved every single minute of it. I’ve barely done anything – I mean Daniel and I did a bunch of blog stuff and I watched a ton of YouTube videos but other than that, I’ve done just about nothing.

& I am SO not complaining.

Today was a rainy kinda Sunday afternoon and evening. I spent the evening hunting Pokemon with Daniel & then being eaten alive at his soccer game. #priorities

It’s supposed to be sunny and +29 degrees tomorrow and I can HARDLY wait.

I’m going to be smarter this time and actually prep for hot weather and not wear leggings and a hoodie.

My 10 things from this moment in time is going to be short tonight because I’m tired AF and ready to crash ( after I itch my bugbites eeuughhhh ).

01. I am obsessed with Pokemon Go. My parents never let me play / collect Pokemon cards when I was younger & I resented them… this Pokemon business is all new to me but it gives me an excuse to go for a million walks ( and I love walks! ) so I’m down.

02. I really enjoy watching Daniel’s soccer games.

03. It almost makes me miss playing soccer… ALMOST.

04. We’re going to paint pottery this week with camp & I’m pumped! It’s my fav trip of the summer hands down.

05. I am so excited for this week’s blog posts!

06. My bed still hasn’t come! >> read more here.

07. I’ve been working out for 45 minutes – 1 hour every morning before camp & I’m loving how I feel.

08. I’m also keeping a food journal to try and figure out what the F is wrong with my stomach. So far – no luck.

09. There’s no Pokemon in my community and it’s actually driving me insane.

10. Less than 3 weeks ’til the beach house!

Anybody have any remedies for bug bites? Tooth paste, put an X on it, anti-itch cream ( DUH ) are ones I know but nothing really works!


I’m writing this while crashin’ hard.

6am is going to come early.


x julieann

PS: this outfit is one of my favs for a cold, rainy, yucky summer day! I wore it last Sunday when it was super drizzly and chilly and I was actually surprisingly warm & dry! I was tempted to wear it again today but today was HOT and rainy!

Muggy weather = not my fav / don’t mix with maxis. No way.

Maxi skirts are DEF a good idea for coolish summer days because they cover you but also allow a breeze, ya know?

Also this shirt is one of my favs. I got it FOREVER ago. It’s a 3/4 length sleeve, longer crop top and I love it! It’s so cozy.

I threw a denim jacket over top & that completed my outfit! Love it!

Goodnight for reals now! xjuly17 13 july17 14

Outfit Details:
Skirt: Garage
Shirt: Forever 21
Sandals: Birkenstock
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters


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