10 things from this moment in time // 12.06.2016


Ooohhh hello Sunday night & my Sunday night rituals…

Super hot shower: CHECK.

Deep cleansing shampoo: CHECK.

Green face mask: CHECK.

Hot cup of chamomile tea: CHECK.

10 things from this moment in time blog post: CHECK.

In bed before 10pm: PENDING ( but soon to be checkcheckcheck! Probably more like 9pm #grandmastatus ).

001. I got my new MacBook today ( will be delivered to the store by Friday! ) and I’m SO EXCITED. I can’t wait to have a computer that actually works. My startup disk has been “almost full” for over a year now even when I delete things off my computer? #soconfused

002. I put tzatziki on everything.

003. And I eat turkey bacon with everything, at every meal.

004. Currently, I’m at work and I’m freeeeeezing to death! It’s so cold and rainy outside and they have the heat turned off – because it’s June, duh, so why would it need to be on!? << currently I am at home and I’m wearing fuzzy socks and wrapped up in 2 blankets… so I’m still not a fan of this cold, rainy weather.

005. I have way too much fun using Daniel’s ‘tap card’ for the photocopier at work… I almost faught him when he tried to use it today.

006. I may be excited to get a new computer but I’m also so stressed. Buying big things like technology freak me out because I get scared that I don’t make the right decision because I don’t understand all of the techy info like graphics, memory, storage, etc!

007. I forgot how much I like caramel macchiatos from Starbucks…

008. I’m so excited to curl into bed EARLY tonight and relax with a good book. I’m currently reading Firefly Lane and Let It Out. They’re both equally good books even though they’re SO different.

009. Ok so finalllllly, I have decided on a gift for graduation ( from last year ) and I’m super excited to get it. I really wanted a pair of diamond stud earrings but I didn’t know if I absolutely loved the idea or not, and the other day I was in the jewelry store and I found a pair that have a small sapphire under the diamond & I fell in love. My mom and I looked at each other and we immediately knew that was the pair. My grandma loved sapphires and she loved helping me with school / talking about school, so it definitely feels like the perfect gift.

010. I can’t wait to sit down and plan out this week’s blog posts, start creating and get writing again. I felt so into it last week, so productive and creative and I feel even more so this week.

I’m off to tuck into bed with a good book and probably get through 3 pages before I fall asleep! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend. XO


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