10 things from this moment in time // 17.04.2016

Hello my loves. This has been such a chilled, relaxing, much needed weekend & I have enjoyed almost every minute of it. I ate a lot of tasty food, tried & failed at a new recipe ( BUT I’m going to try it again! ), worked a bit, spent time with Daniel and FINALLY had my long overdue eye appointment! Hooray for new glasses in 7-10 business days… here’s hoping it’s more on the 7 days, rather than the 10 because I could use them before Cuba!

I did a post like this last week and I really enjoyed putting it together so I thought I’d do another this week and probably next week & the week after… you get my point. I like these posts a lot.

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001.  I am desperately craving ice cream. I even drove past Dairy Queen twice tonight & once I even pulled in the parking lot and immediately drove out because I can’t fall for every single craving that I have. Plus there’s only 10 days until Cuba soo…….. I came home, put some peanut butter on a plain rice cake, chugged some water and I have successfully stopped the craving for today.

002.  I really need to clean my room because it has currently exploded with clothing, shopping bags, suitcases, shoes and un-used hangers. It’s ridiculous really.

003.  My new bed could / should be arriving any day now & I can’t wait to have a bed that ISN’T DIRTY. When the delivery guys put it together they got black fingerprints ALL over my white cushioned headboard and footboard, so we went through the furniture store IN DECEMBER & they hooked us up with a cleaning company who then took months to show up. When she finally came, the cleaning job that she did didn’t remove the fingerprints, so she came back and quite literally scrubbed my bed so hard that it completely ruined the fabric… I’ve been sleeping in a dirty, ruined bed since the day it was delivered. OH AND IT WAS DELIVERED 9 WEEKS AFTER WE ORDERED IT. When they said it would take 2-3 weeks. Oops, maybe 6. Nah, actually 9. #neveragain

004.  Lately I’ve been hitting over 8,000 steps on my Fitbit. Most days I’ve been getting over 10,000 and it feels so good! I’ve been loving my early morning runs and going on walks in the evening has also been super nice. I love springtime!

005.  Currently I’ve been debating as to whether or not I should get a gym membership. I’ve had one for the past few years through school and have gone enough times that I got my money’s worth but I don’t know if I want to spend the money on a gym membership when I can work out at home! #toughdecision

006.  After Cuba, I plan on cutting about 8 inches off my hair! I’m so excited to have healthy, tangle-free hair again. Having long hair is such a pain in the ass.

007.  Watching the Red Sox play, either on tv or live streams on my phone, and even just keeping up to date on the scores over Twitter when I’m at work is seriously getting me so excited to go back to Fenway this year and watch a game ( or two! ). I am starting to look up hotels and game dates already!

008.  I worked at the daycare all week last week, and I seriously admire daycare workers and elementary school teachers EVEN MORE than I did before. Those little buggers gave me a run for my money every single day. I’ve never been more exhausted and run-down. Trying to keep up with 4-year olds and their crazy energetic selves is SOOOoooo tiring!

009.  I’m obsessed with looking up prices to new cars & I am sooo tempted to just say “f it” and buy a new car. I realllllly want a hard top white Jeep!

010.  I wish I was at Coachella… hella bad.

What’s going on with you at this moment in time? Have a great week loves.


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