10 things from this moment in time // 29.05.2016

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Hey what’s up helloooo. It’s Sunday, it was sunny all day & I’m on my way to get ice cream right now after just getting my booty kicked by the most intense workout ever. Life couldn’t get much better than it is right now.

001.  I bought $14 nectarines today and they just may be the greatest thing I’ve ever tasted – thankfully. Why the heck is fruit so expensive?

002.  I had planned on being in Toronto this weekend watching the Red Sox play but flights to Toronto are ridiculously expensive. Why can I fly to Iceland cheaper than half way across the country?

003.  I never sleep with less than 2 blankets on my bed, but right now I only have one & to be honest, it feels really weird. Does anyone else like the feeling of heaviness on them when they sleep?

004.  I had 2 teas and a caramel macchiato today and I’ve never been more tired. I feel like caffeine has failed me today, and I really wanted to be productive. Who says Sundays always have to be lazy?

005.  I finally started working out again today and my body is having a love / hate relationship with it. Why did I stop working out, again?

006.  I am so tempted to buy a bicycle to ride to work every day this summer, but I only want this pale yellow one & it’s the most expensive. Who knew bikes cost so much?

007.  I cleaned my room the other day because my bed was supposed to be re-delivered ( AGAIN & it still hasn’t arrived… apparently they only re-ordered the headboard, UGH ) and now I am thinking the same thing I always think when I clean my room. Why don’t I just keep it clean all the time?

008.  I am so sad because my birthday balloons are finally deflating. Would it be weird to purchase some more balloons just because they make me happy?

009.  I really want to make videos or vlogs but I feel like I’d have no skill on camera because I am so shy. What would I even make videos about?

010.  I just realized I made this whole list starting each sentence with “I” and ending it with a question. Why stop now?

I hope you all had a productive weekend and are excited for the week to come. Any fun plans coming up?

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Outfit Details
Shirt: American Eagle
Shorts: American Eagle
Cover-up: Hollister
Hat: Forever 21
Sunnies: Coach
Purse: Fossil
Shoes: Steve Madden


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