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Today I’m ending my Sunday the best way – 10 things from this moment in time.

Only today I’m going to do double duty & use this as a way to check-in on my summer bucket list as summer is almost half over ( !!!!! ) – the days off anyway!

1. I really wanted to do a beach day, and although I haven’t yet – it’s definitely going to happen ASAP.

2. Daniel and I are still working out details of our road trip, but it is looking good and I’m going to make him sit down this weekend and figure it all out.

3. S’mores will FOR SURE happen at the beach house ( 12 DAYS! ) – anyone have any GF graham wafer options??? Do share, plz & thx.

4. Night walks on the beach haven’t happened, due to my huge fear of bug bites now – EEEkkkkkk. But I’m for sure getting on the bug spray train & will be doing a night time beach walk soon.

5. I’ve already read 3 books – not as many as I had planned, but I’ve been so busy & I’m definitely not complaining!

6. OOOOppppssss, totally failed on the TIBTours part of the blog… It can definitely still happen, just has been put on the backburner indefinitely as of right now.

7. Concert tickets are bought! And even though Nicole can’t come anymore ( she’s moving provinces for school the day before the concert BOOO! ), I’m on a mission to still go. Or sell my ticket and go visit Nicole… or both LOL ; ) decisions, decisions.

8. Geo-caching was on my summer bucket list, but I think I’m going to make a change & instead of geo-caching, have this as Pokemon Go! & to be honest, I’m killing this one!

9. A drive-in movie, zoo and waterpark are DEFINITELY musts & although they too haven’t happened yet, I’m still feeling positive about them.

10. See David Ortiz play in Fenway… I’m not so sure this one is going to get checked off. The Canadian dollar and the American dollar just aren’t matching up quite as nicely as I’d like & it is an expensive trip. I’m still hopeful – but it’s not looking the best.

Sidenote: with my job, we don’t get paid for literally a month after we start working, so basically we haven’t even gotten a full paycheck yet and we’re into the FOURTH week of work… It’s hard to do all these BIG summer things before August based solely on saving for school / paying for gas / my ridiculous shopping addiction / lack of paychecks… but I have a feeling August is going to be a fun month!


I am obsessed with all things one-piece – dresses, rompers, jumpsuits…

They are just SO easy to style & wear. They’re effortless, cute and you don’t have to worry about finding things to match.

Except shoes.

I do not have a pair of shoes to wear with this jumpsuit except my black Birkenstocks and to be honest, I don’t think it’s the cutest look – which is why I instructed gently suggested to Daniel that he cut off my feet in all pictures because it wasn’t that cute.

This jumpsuit is so soft, it HAS POCKETS, it doesn’t fall down in the chest & it’s so comfy that I barely ever want to take it off. I love it almost as much as I love this one.

The only thing that would make it better is if it was sweatpant material like my Roots one, but then it wouldn’t be as easy to dress up and actually wear out, so I guess this material will do.

I’m falling asleep as I type this! I need some rest so I can get up and run 5KM to hatch my eggs be fit and healthy ( my Pokemon addiction is REAL ).


Chat soon,

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Outfit Details:
Jumpsuit: Winners
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters


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