i’m not a vs angel so i’ll continue to post about plaid

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Longest title in the history of titles………..


I’m currently laying in my bed, obsessively checking random Bloggers’ and YouTubers’ Snapchat stories from the VS Fashion Show, wearing a VS robe, wishing I was a VS Angel and having a shit ton of fun…

But instead of being a VS Angel, I’m just a regular girl who: ate too many french fries at dinner tonight, is having a really bad skin day and is laying in her bed falling asleep. And like every girl, wishing she was Adriana Lima. Or Martha Hunt. Or Elsa Hosk. Or Behati Prinsloo.

Or Doutzen Kroes… except she chose to no longer be a VS Angel… ummmm why… life’s unanswered questions.

I’d even settle on being Kendall Jenner. Or Gigi Hadid.

Basically I’d be OK being in the audience. Chillin’ with everyone and having a good time. Uggggggh.

Except I’m home in bed, on the lame east coast of Canada. Talking about plaid…

So here it goes…

Another one of my favourite ways to incorporate a little fall plaid into my wardrobe is to tie it over top of an outfit as a sort of accessory.

Sure, flannels can be worn to actually serve their purpose of keeping you warm and being an acutal shirt.

But one of my favourite ways to wear flannels is as an accessory.

These two outfits are cute ways to tie a flannel and wear them for fall.

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Ok. If I’m being honest, I’ve never actually worn a flannel tied this way. Except in like high school when I dressed up as a farmer for Halloween <<<< CLASSIC high school costume, am I right?

But the other day when I was brainstorming up ideas ( AKA stalking Pinterest ) I came across an outfit that looked similar to this and I thought it looked so cute.

Basically I just took my red, black & white flannel and tied it sort of like a cropped shirt over top of a graphic t.

I think that this would look esp cute if you had a baggier, more bf type fit flannel and it could hang a little lower. I don’t own one so I couldn’t try it. If you do give it a try!

I then paired it with my black jeggings ( fav ) and grey boots.

This is a super chill outfit! It would be perfect for school or going to the mall. I’d wear leggings if I was going shopping because I hate trying to wiggle back in to skinny jeans after trying stuff on. Anyone with me???

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The second look is the most basic ass look that every single girl sports in the fall.

But we love it.

Basically you just take your flannel, tie it around your waist. Pair it with a basic ass pair of black leggings and a white t shirt ( also basic ) and you’re good to go. <<<< def not hating on the basic girl in fall look. I’m guilty. You’re guilty. I love it. And you love it. We’re just all basic AF. Embrace it.

I finished this look off with Converse. But you could totally wear Uggs. Or riding boots.

Tomorrow I will be wearing this outfit and loving it.

But for tonight, I am off to stalk more Snapchat stories and pray that I wake up with a pair of wings. Sweet dreams beauties. <<<< or good morning… whenever you’re reading this.


edited258[ shoes: Converse, leggings: Nike, shirt: H&M, flannel: Urban ]


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