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I’m gonna sound like a HUGE BABY when I say this but the flu shot got the best of me the last few days. I got it Thursday night and I was exhausted. I thought I was feeling better on Friday ( I was still just in a lot of pain, but thought I wasn’t as tired/sick feeling ) and then I napped… for 2 hours. And on & off again for the next 2 hours. Last night I felt super sick still and had no energy to try to write a post. Oh & my family from Ontario surprised us and flew in for the weekend so I was a little pre-occupied, catching up and eating cake… Happy 85th to my grandpa! You don’t look a day over 55 ( seriously people, I pray I have his genes ).

TODAY I am back!

So a little while ago AKA in the beginning of fall, I did a little series about ditching the Uggs, sweats and hoodies for something a little cuter and more put together.

I had outfits that had cute pieces like faux fur & floppy hats, shorts & tights, ripped jeans & flannels, dresses, denim on denim and vertical stripes. But let’s be real. Getting dressed early in the morning, especially when it’s still dark outside, freezing and you’re going to school ( or work ) SUCKS.

Sometimes ( ok, most of the time ) I don’t want to put on real pants. Or put any effort at all in to my outfit. I really just want to wear hoodies and sweats. But I don’t like looking like a bag.

So I have found a compromise.

You don’t have to wear real clothes, I promise.


Last year ( and the other three years that I was in university ) this would be the outfit I would wear every. single. day. Sureeee I’d change it up and wear a grey sweater with black sweats or throw in a pink hoodie one day, but I would always wear an outfit similar to this. From October to March.

My classes were only from the beginning of September ’til the beginning of April.

I would seriously wear sweats, a hoodie and Uggs in a variety of colours for 6 months of the year. Basically my whole school year.

I LITERALLY look like a bag. I mean sure the sweats are cute ( jk not these ones. I stole them from a friend, who stole them from a friend in grade 10… 8 years ago… ).

BUT I do have a grey pair and a black pair of Roots ones, and a couple VS Pink ones that are actually cute <<<< couldn’t find them because my room was a huge mess. & Ya, the sweater is Lululemon and super cute.

… NEVER AGAIN will I wear them paired together. Not for a serious outfit. Not to a place where you see people and interact with a couple hundred people each day. Because EW. This is an at-home outfit. And that is where it should stay.

It looks like pajamas. Sure it’s comfy, but just no. *insert ‘girl-crossing-her-arms-in-an-X’ emoji here*

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This is my newly revamped “I-just-woke-up-and-don’t-want-to-put-on-pants” outfit.

And this is what I currently live in. Or a rendition ( is that the word?? ) of this outfit.

I kept the same white t shirt and scarf. Side note: white t’s are MY FAV THING TO WEAR, EVER, and everyone should own one, or 7 like me. <<<< I like to buy what I wear often in multiples.

And in place of the baggy ass sweats, I wore black leggings. #basic but you def feel and look more put together and less like a slobby bag. I swapped the hoodie for a tighter fitted denim jacket and finished off the outfit with Converse. Short ankle boots ( or tall boots ) would look cute with this outfit, or even some sneakers. I loveeee my Nike’s and often wear them other place than just working out/gym/running/etc. because they’re too cute not to get loved on a lot!

As for my hair, I’ve made a point to try to actually do something with it most days. I don’t mean heat styling, using a ton of products, actually trying to make it look super put together and “done”. I often just use a small butterfly clip and pin back the front pieces, I use a black bow and pin back one side, I put a half pony/half bun in, I wear a beanie or I do a messy bun <<< which I have perfected. Sometimes I even use sunglasses as an accessory and use them to hold my hair back ha #lazy.

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I am a firm believer in looking cute = feeling cute = happier and more productive. It is crazy what a difference that an outfit can make. I love love love clothes, as my family/bf/friends/Visa all know too well, because I love how an outfit can make or break your day. Am I the only one that feels like this? Plz tell me I’m not crazy and I am not alone in my clothes obsession.

Hope your weekend is as fabulous as you are!

XO julieann



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