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I’m currently procrastinating writing a paper that is due tomorrow night at 11pm. In my head I have a lot more time to get it done than I really do have in reality. Currently I have planned out how I am going to decorate my room for Christmas, have been brainstorming possibly starting YouTube videos ( for the 3rd time ) and am so tempted to go finish gutting my room, all because I don’t want to write this paper.

I just really wish I was eating popcorn with salt and vinegar seasoning, binge watching Drugs Inc. and laying in bed, with no cares. I am so over school and papers and tests and more papers!

But I’ll settle for writing a blog post, eating carrot sticks with tzatziki sauce and watching the Raptors game with a green face mask on because #sundaynightwins.

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Dresses are seriously a livesaver. I’ve said this before and I’m sure I’ll say it again. For real though, they are the best. They require zero effort and they are super cute and easy to style.

I’ve never been a huge fan of dresses but as I get older ( ha I’m so young still but it is what it is ), I get lazier and have less time to actually try with my outfits. With dresses you don’t have to try!! You just slip in to them and you’re good to go.

Dressy dresses are cute and all but I’m alllllll about the sweatshirt dresses lately. I loved t shirt dresses for summer and early fall but now it’s freakin’ freezing so I need something warmer. Knit sweater dresses are so expensive and I honestly don’t like wearing kintwear that much because it makes me SO ITCHY. But then I found this dress…


It’s super affordable – HELLO FOREVER 21.

It’s so cute and warm and the perfect length. AND IT HAS POCKETS. <<<< I love me some pockets. I don’t know why, it’s weird, whatever. They make me happy.

I love love love the oversized, slouchy, comfy style of this sweatshirt dress. I have it paired here with black tights, but I’ve also worn it with leggings and Uggs ( so chill guys ) as more of a big baggy sweater instead of a dress, and it still looks cute. Again, these black booties are stolen from my mom. I’m obsessed with her fall boots as if you couldn’t tell. And I’m a huge fan of oversized sunglasses for anytime of the year because my eyes suck and are so sensitive now, ever since I started wearing glasses.

I am in love with this dress. This dress is everything and I wish they sold it in more colours. Because I would buy them all. I love it so much.

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Ok guys, I’m off to take this face mask off and attempt to work on my paper in bed AKA pass the F out. As always – kick Monday’s ass tomorrow. I saw this pic on Twitter today and it said “Sunday is a friendly reminder that you have 24 hours to get your life back on track” & thought about how true it is. Mondays are my make it or break it day for the whole week. Sundays are my re-group and re-charge day and on Mondays it’s go time!

I plan on kicking Monday’s ass tomorrow by finishing this paper, getting a huge head start on my Christmas shopping, doing some yoga, drinking a nice big green smoothie ( or 2! ) and getting back on track health-wise. OH I’ll probably decorate my room for Christmas too and watch a Christmas movie or 5.

This weekend was full of cake and meals out with family who were visiting but I am determined to make this week my bitch. I’m going to be so productive, get shit done and stay happy. I am determined. Let’s promise right here, right now, to do it together. >>>> KILL THIS WEEK.

julieann XO



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