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So as I’m sitting here writing this I look out my front window and it’s snowing. Really, truly SNOWING. There’s one little part of me that is so not ready for fall to end, but then there is this hugeeee part of me that’s bouncing up and down like a little kid in a toy store because it’s snowing. Which means it’s almost winter. Which means it’s almost Christmas. Which means that the fact that I purchased a ton of Christmas decorations for my room the other day isn’t completely insane.

Although the fact that I began to decorate my room for Christmas last night may be a bit insane, but I’m ok with it.

Before it becomes full-blown winter I want to get a few more fall fashion posts written and posted here because I am seriously loving fall fashion this year. I feel like I have stepped out of my comfort zone of sweats, hoodies and Uggs and have been experimenting SLIGHTLY with what I’ve been wearing. Typically I’m all for black coats, black vests, black leather jackets, black shirts, black everything. But then I laid my eyes on this coat one late night while online shopping and the rest is history.

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I saw this coat way back when I was searching for cute fall clothes and bought it a week later. I tried it on in store at Forever 21 one evening and fell in love. It’s so soft and so cozy. I am obsessed with the colour of red that it is. The only downside is that it really isn’t that warm of a coat so it won’t get much wear in the winter because I don’t do well freezing in -25 degree weather.

This is a coat that you can dress up or down. It would look really cute over a dress or skirt with tights, and it also pairs well with my black jeggings. Maybe I will brave it on a night out in the winter and pair it with a dress. Fashion > warmth for one night wouldn’t be impossible, right?


I had to post these fall pictures before it gets too cold and I look silly standing in a pile of leaves. As I’ve been writing this post, the snow seems to have stopped ( boo ) but it still looks absolutely freezing outside. I’m off to bundle up and head over to school and turn in a paper. Why don’t professors accept emailed copies of projects, when they are the ones who are sick and cancel class last minute? #annoying. Maybe I’ll pick up a Starbucks on my way as I am absolutely exhausted from staying up late to finish said project! <<<< I shouldn’t because I’m going to study at a coffee shop later but two won’t kill me today, right?

I’m also trying to sort out a schedule for blogging. I keep leaving it last minute at night and then sometimes I am too exhausted and just pass out before I finish my posts. I’m thinking morning postings may be better? Someday I’ll have it all sorted out!

Talk soon,

xx julieann

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