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Well I started this post last night and it went a little something like: “Happy Friday guys! I’m currently at work after lazing around all day… I wanted to have this post up this morning but I wasn’t feeling well so I spent the day on the couch, surprise surprise. Friday’s are my chill day lately. I just wasn’t feeling good at all or in the mood to write anything earlier in the day”.

And then I stopped.

I felt pretty sick last night at work but I knew we had to go to a house-warming/birthday get together that night so I was trying to stay positive and not ruin the night. But I seriously felt so sick and whiney and I just wanted my bed. We stayed at my friend’s apartment until like 2 am ( OMG what a mistake. I missed our exit. We literally did a figure 8 and a half on on&off ramps trying to get on the highway, going the right direction ). I just wanted sleep at like 8 pm, not 2 am, fighting to get on the highway the right way.  <<<< funny thing is I have driven this highway multiple times before and never have an issue, esp not one this frustratingly stupid?????

We got home and I crashed hard. It was honestly such a long day yesterday and I did NOTHING except ya know, lay on my couch and chug water / tea.

Anyway, it’s Saturday now ( hopefully this gets posted today and I don’t zone out again ) and I’m still sick. It’s pouring rain outside, it’s cold, we were supposed to go to the holiday parade of lights tonight in the city but I def don’t feel like standing outside in the rainy / wet weather… I’m curled up under 2 fleece blankets, chugging water again and taking cold&flu meds like it’s my dang job.

I can’t win lately guys, I just can’t win! Working with kids has so many blessings. And some curses. One of those curses is that you’re ALWAYS around sick kids who want hugs and you can’t say no. You just can’t. So sometimes you end up getting sick too, boo.

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I’ve wanted to share for a while my love of ( slightly ) graphic t’s. I say slightly graphic because in my mind a graphic t is like a band t with tons of words and designs AKA graphics duh, and these are more simple, delicate, slightly graphic t’s. I always wanted to wear a band t, honestly I don’t know why. I don’t know anything about most bands except what my dad’s told me, I don’t really enjoy the music but I think the style is cute. But I don’t think I could pull it off without feeling like a hugeeee poser.

Which is why I am obbbb-sessed with graphic t’s like this.

It’s like a compromise. A little bit of a meet in the middle. A combination of a graphic t and a plain t. Sort of a plain-t-meets-over-the-top-band-graphic-t shirt. Ok, you get my point. <<<< these cold&flu meds are making me talk crazy.

I like these shirts because they are a little different than my regular plain white t’s that I wear ( no joke ) every single day.

I love this colour and I loved how the saying was in both English and French. The plain and simple black font really drew me in, I’m not gonna lie. Probably sounds lame but it just looks so crisp and classic. I saw it in F21 one night and I had to buy it. I’m so thankful I did because the next time I went back ( AKA the next day ) it was gone. Sold out. None left. Seeyabye.

The only thing I REALLY don’t like is that it is ALWAYS wrinkly. This was hanging up in my closet, fresh out of the wash, and I put it on and in 5 min it looked like this huge mess. I don’t get it???? Is there some sort of way to keep shirts from getting this wrinkly??? It wasn’t folded or thrown on the floor ( like the majority of my clothes end up ) so I don’t get why it always ends up like this after a few min of wearing??? Help!


I kept this t pretty casual today, throwing a baggy cardigan over top and pairing it with black leggings and my fav black quilted boots.

Also – I loveeee the bottom of this shirt. It goes up pretty far on the sides ( hits just above the waistband of my leggings ) but it goes down in the front and the back so it keeps you covered if you’re leggings are getting a little on the worn out side AKA see-through ( like some of my fav Costco ones were ha ) just keepin’ it real. <<< I did throw out 4 pairs of them lately so… Mom, Daniel, if you’re reading this, black leggings for Christmas plz&thx guys. I only have like 17 pairs left HA.

I’m off to lay on the couch some more ( who would’ve thought ), chug water and watch Christmas movies. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to work on some posts for this week. My coffee and cold&flu med re-dose are kicking in and I feel aliiiiiive. I’m also thinking Chinese food is in order for tonight, followed by more lazing on the couch and probably 1 or 2 more holiday movies.

Have a great weekend guys! Hopefully this post wasn’t too rambly… if it was – blame the meds!!!

XO julieann

Side note: I’d just like to say a huge thank you to my parents for bringing me home a caffeinated treat halfway through writing this post. It was just what I needed and basically the only reason I made it the whole way and actually completed this and am able to get this post up. Now I’m bouncing off the walls, yet still lazy AF, weirdest feeling ever. Byeee!

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