lowbacks and red leather

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Today was such an eventful Sunday that started off with sleeping in until 11 am, ummmm what. That never happens. Apparently whatever I am sick with is seriously kicking my ass because I was in bed and asleep at like 11:30 the night before… 12 hour sleeps for the win. We had our final ballet classes today and the recitals were just too cute! Then tonight I volunteered for a concert that my bf’s mom runs and we poured champagne for the majority of the night.

Let me tell ya.

It was weird to be on the other side of the bar, having people coming up to us saying “oh just top me off a bit” and “a little bit more please”.

I don’t know if I loved it or hated it haha.

But I am pretty sure I prefer being on the other side of the bar, asking for more drinks not pouring more!

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This outfit was what I wanted to wear tonight but do you think I could find this shirt?! Instead I wore a lowback black body suit and a beige cardigan. <<< all about the lowback stuff right now, so cute.

I am obsessed with this coat. My bf says I look like someone, I forget who… worst memory ever… I can see the character he showed me in my head… But cannot for the life of me think of what it is. I’m also a hugeeee fan of black and white, duh. And you guys know how I feel about adding a pop of colour with my coats. Especially red ones! This one was super cheap too from F21 ( duh ) and it’s not tight and suffocating like I find most cheap leather coats are.

Anyway, I’m crashing hard. Nighttime cold&flu meds are no joke.

XO julieann
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