#throwbacktuesday?: cuba 2012

edit 20
[ I’m so glad we’ve gotten better at our selfies ]edit 21

I was looking through pictures to edit and print out because I’m currently in the middle of re-decorating ( and hopefully painting! ) my bedroom <<<<< DECOR POSTS TO COME!

I came across a ton of photos that I had totally forgotten about AKA Cuba pictures, Florida pictures, tons of old pictures that I took with friends etc.

I had so much fun on my trips to Cuba and Florida that I couldn’t not post some because I always want to remember these trips and be able to look back on these photos! These are from my trip in 2012… the spring after my first year at university!

It is crazy to look back on these, realizing how far I’ve come in 3 and a half QUICK years! Having graduated uni now and ended up back there again to further my education, changing jobs and having so many new and diff experiences, it’s fun to reflect on old times, especially ones that involve traveling ( and the beach )!

AHH it is so crazy how fast time truly does fly!

edit 23 edit 24 edit 25
[ we look like little bb’s! Also – my sunglasses… omg ]edit 26 edit 27
[ I love how old, authentic and loved everything is here ]edit 28
[ we went to this old rich guy’s house, now a golf course / restaurant, and snuck some pics on the lawn #rebels ] edit 29
[ I still can’t get over how pretty the scenery was in Cuba ]edit 30
[ this guy walked right up to us and literally sat these creatures on us without asking! ] edit 31[ like literally threw them on us! ] edit 32[ took a little day trip to see Havana, OMG so pretty ]

^^^^ side note about this random day trip to Havana: we were laying on the beach around our resort, when this guy came up to us and said he was a lifeguard and wanted to know if we wanted to go to Havana “for cheap”… we thought about it and he approached us the next day and we said what the hell. It was seriously the highlight of my trip! He really took us IN to the city. We went in this van, we had to stop and get gas at a little gas station, we went to his house and he said hi to his kids and picked up sandwiches from his wife. We ate at restaurants and he told us cool stuff about each place we passed.

What I really liked was that he told us all kinds of neat, REAL facts. Ones that you can’t find when you Google “Havana”. He really showed us the ins and outs of the city in a really interesting way. He wasn’t boring or tour-guide-esque ( I HATE going on tours. Tour guides always seem so ungenuine and blah, annoying, and I lose interst so quick ) but this was fab!

Definitely looking back on it, it seems a little risky, but we survived and had the best time!

edit 33

[ Havana is hands down my favourite city I’ve been to ]edit 34[ I love this country, the people and the relaxed yet busy pace ] edit 35[ traveling with him is the best ] edit 36[ I mean look at the old buildings *insert heart-eyed emoji here ] edit 37[ we went up on the rooftop of a cafe / bar and it overlooked Havana ]edit 38[ Cuba and the beach will always have my heart ]


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