16 things I’m leaving behind this spring

Happy Spring! I know I’m like 3 days late, but it’s the thought that counts right?


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Spring cleaning is such a huge cliché… I’m not someone who devotes every free moment to cleaning out my closet, bedroom and other spaces in the spring, or even someone who will spend a whole weekend doing some spring cleaning. I’m a believer that when it’s messy – clean it up ( or procrastinate it until you absolutely HAVE to clean it ).

But this spring I did want to do some ‘cleaning’. There are a few things that I am leaving behind now that it is a new season. I’m making some changes and bettering my overall life.

Springtime is fresh and exciting. There is something so magical about sunshine and blue skies, crisp air and new grass. Spring is all about fresh starts and that is exactly what I plan on doing. By cutting some things out of my life, I’m hoping to feel fresher and lighter – exactly how we should feel in the springtime!

Saying ‘yes’:
I know this sounds like the complete opposite of what everyone always says, but sometimes saying ‘yes’ too much is a bad thing. There’s so many initiatives in the beginning of each year like “this year is the year of ‘yes'” or “this year I’m going to say ‘yes’ more” and while they are great, there are some things that you can say ‘no’ to. I find that I say ‘yes’ a lot more than I should and it makes other things in my life suffer. While saying ‘yes’ to adventures and spur of the moment things are fun, saying ‘yes’ to too many can inhibit other important things like work and schoolwork. I also find that I say ‘yes’ too often to people when I only half want to do something and then I don’t become fully invested in whatever it is that I’ve said ‘yes’ to.

I’m the worst for putting things off until the last minute. I’m so used to writing a paper in a few hours before it’s due… but lately I’ve been trying to get better at this. I’ve already started my 3000 word paper that’s due Thursday night ( that’s a big deal around here! ) & I’m already working on other things that are due this weekend. I’m also bad for putting off getting ready until the last possible moment and then I rush to get food prepared and I often go hungry or end up having to spend money on something to eat. I hate being late to things but lately I’ve been that person showing up a minute or two late and it really stresses me out!

Pretty self-explanatory but I like to shop. I like to shop A LOT. I shop when I’m sad, when I’m happy, stressed, anxious, mad or overwhelmed. Nothing like a little retail therapy to make you feel better ( but seriously hurt your bank account ). There are so many trips that I want to go on, places that I want to visit and adventures that I want to go on, but these all require money. I am also going to school for the next two years, so I need to save money up to pay for tuition. Plus moving out would be pretty sick to do in a few years… but all of these require me to stop shopping all the freakin’ time.

Social media:
Social media is such a blessing and a curse. It sucks up 90% of my time every day, I’m sure of it. I don’t plan on leaving social media behind completely, but I plan on spending less & less time on it. I want to stop waking up every morning and spending 30+ minutes on my phone and spending hours on it before bed each night.

Comparing to others:
This is such a dangerous thing to do. When you become so wrapped up in obsessing over other people’s lives, looks, jobs, blogs, Instagram pictures, whatever else it may be, you start feeling bad about yourself and there’s really no reason to. We all put our best face forward – online, we all show people what we want them to see and when interacting with others, we all present ourselves in the way we want others to see us. I’m not saying that I do this a lot ( because I don’t ) but sometimes I get down on myself because I feel as though I could be doing more because of what I see others doing. I need to be proud of myself because I know that I’m doing all that I can and it really doesn’t matter what others are doing.

My schedule for tomorrow = meeting at 9am, meeting at 11am, work at 11:30am, work at 1:45pm, work at 6pm, and finally home around 9:30pm. There is no need for me to feel that I have to do all of these. The meetings are both optional but you betcha I’ll be there. I’ll be running around like a madwoman ( as usual ) and then I’ll crash but I won’t be able to crash because I have a 3000 word paper due that night and a 2000 word paper due the next day. I’m so tired of being tired, but I do it to myself. This goes hand-in-hand with my belief that “saying ‘yes’ all the time can become problematic”. My schedule at all times is INSANELY packed and I need to get better at prioritizing commitments and saying ‘no’ when I really don’t have the time to do something.

Being negative seriously takes up a lot of energy & when you associate yourself with people who are negative, stay in negative situations or just constantly feel negative your life is going to be annoying… so I’m leaving this behind. #overit

Stressing the small things:
Pretty obvious too… I get really worked up over nothing and it can totally ruin my whole day. I plan things out and if something in my plan gets altered, I get super stressed about it and it is a never ending cycle of stress. It’s annoying and there’s no need to get stressed out over silly little things that, in the long run, don’t really impact my life or my well-being. There’s a lot of big things that are stressful enough without adding in a ton of little annoyances to stress about.

Angering quickly:
This is baaadddd. If I’m hungry, I’m instantly angry and so rude. If I’m tired, ANGRY. If I’m late, look out I’ll just about run you over out of rage if you don’t speed up. I hate when people chew and it makes me super angry. If something isn’t going according to plan, I’ll get angry. I just need to chill and be happy because there’s nothing worse than ruining your own day over useless anger. #positivevibesonly

I guess this kind of goes hand-in-hand with “stressing the small things”. I over-analyze every. single. situation that I’m in. I think of the good outcomes, the bad outcomes, every single turn that an experience can take. It’s bad. I’m not a live in the moment type of girl. I am constantly worrying and thinking about things and it’s downright exhausting. I need to let it go and stop thinking about the what if’s because chances are – they aren’t going to happen.

Letting anxiety control me:
I have pretty bad anxiety. Sure it’s been worse in the past and I’ve found ways to positively deal with it but sometimes I get anxious and let it control me. I’ll pass up opportunities to do fun stuff or I won’t be 100% involved in a situation that I’m in because I’m anxious and feeling super overwhelmed. It sucks not being in the right headspace to enjoy something or to have something bother me so much that I don’t do it, so I’m down to leave this behind.

The need for perfection:
Self-explanatory. Through comparison with others, feeling the need to look / act / BE a certain way can be totally time-consuming and overwhelming and I’m done feeling like I need to be “perfect”.

I worry about EVERYTHING and it gets me nowhere. Someone once said “worrying is like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do, but gets you nowhere” and that could NOT be more true.

Cheating myself:
When I’m trying to eat healthy, work out, do better at school, whatever it is, I’ll cheat once or twice, and then it turns in to alllll the time. I justify it in my head with promises like “I’ll do it after work”, “I’ll work out extra hard tomorrow”, “I ate a salad for lunch so pizza and ice cream for dinner won’t hurt”. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with splurging and doing unhealthy things once in a while, but when I cheat constantly, I’m hurting nobody but myself. I’m the one who pays for the slip ups and I need to have more self-control and motivation for myself.

Being fearful:
I get scared easily – of losing people, losing myself, driving alone, going for walks by myself, doing things that I want to do, because of “consequences” that could or could not happen. I’m limiting myself by being fearful and I’m missing out on a lot of fun.

Complaining when something isn’t working:
Instead of complaining when something isn’t working, I’m going to do something about it. By complaining, it’s only making things worse. It makes you think about it constantly and it can bring youdown more. By doing something to change the situation, instead of complaining about it, will benefit me in more ways than one.

Is there anything you’d like to leave behind? Are you going to do some spring cleaning of your own? Let me know!


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