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I am 110% obsessed with blogging. I don’t know if you can tell or not, but I am l o v i n g it. There’s something so incredibly invigorating and therapeutic about working on a post and finally, finallllly clicking ‘publish’…

I love being able to share my thoughts, interests and feelings here & I don’t ever want to stop.

I’ve said it a million times ( basically every post so far this year ) but I am determined to make 2017 THE year and I really feel as though I am doing just that.

I want to dedicate more time to just simply sitting and writing. I love the photography aspect about blogging, but I am even more into the content-creating, pouring out my heart part lately – which is why the photography aspect has kind of ( ok, seriously ) been lacking on the blog. I just get so excited to click ‘publish’ once I’ve spilled my guts and I can’t fuss around over lighting and photography.

Bad, I know.

I’m a half-assed blogger but writing has always been the love of my life. I’m gonna work on the photography aspect soon, I swear.

OK, maybe in the spring / summer when the lighting isn’t shit and it isn’t dark at 5pm every dang day.

Baby steps…

Today I thought I’d do something a little different, something fun & share 20 things about myself that I haven’t really shared before.

I mean actually, it is possible that I’ve shared some of them briefly but I’ve had this blog for a year and a half now ( !!!!! time flies when you’re having fun ) & I thought it was about time to do something like this.

These are some of my favourite posts to read because, I mean, you get to know your favourite bloggers through their every day posts, their content and their interests BUT I love getting to know the quirky facts, too.

Maybe I’m just weird but I love it & thought maybe you would as well.

1 | I didn’t drink coffee until I was 22 years old. Since the day that I had my first coffee, I’ve barely gone a day without one since. I have such an addictive personality that it’s hard to break a habit once I start. I’ve probably ( definitely ) spent WAY too much money at Starbucks and Second Cup over the last 16 months but… what can you do?

2 | I was the only family member who spoke at my grandmother’s funeral 3 years ago. To this day, it is one of the things that I am most proud of about myself. I told my mom on the morning of the Friday before her funeral ( that was on Saturday! ) that I wanted to speak and she immediately called our minister and made it happen. I am so grateful for the time that I had with my grandmother and I knew I wanted to honour her one last time.

3 | I am obsessed & I mean obsessed with rap music. If you put on pretty much any song from like 2004-2010, I guarantee I can rap it. It’s actually embarrassing but it’s such a quirky hidden talent. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow the song is, I can do it & not miss a beat.

4 | I like to think that I’m the only girl in the family. Out of my immediate cousins on my mom’s side, I’m the only girl & on my dad’s side, my cousins are older so I never really got to know them / hang out with them. When my aunt re-married, she became a step-mom of 2 boys & when my uncle re-married he had a boy and a girl, but she’s cute so I’m OK sharing the princess status with her.

[ found so many pictures from this summer that I haven’t posted yet! ]

5 | I love love love shopping for underwear and pajamas. Basically because 1) they always fit and 2) new intimates just make me happy. I always feel my best when I have on new underwear & I sleep better wearing cute and matching pajamas. Weird? Anyone else like this?

6 | Makeup is one of my favourite things to play around with. No, I don’t think I am talented with makeup ( or even good at all! ) but I do love to play around with eyeshadow pallets, bronzer ( FAV ) and I can never go a day without mascara. Trying out new makeup products makes me happy. We all have those little things that make us happy right? Mascara is that for me!

7 | If I could eat a piece of chocolate at every meal I’d be so much more content. I have this huge underlying obsession with chocolate, but mostly, with dark chocolate. It’s seriously my happy food. I live for the times that I have a dark chocolate bar laying around and I can just take a piece whenever I feel like I need a little pick-me-up. Dark chocolate almond bark is my favourite snack ever.

8 | Bed time is my favourite time of the day. Seriously. If I could sleep for 16 hours a day, I would. And it’s not because I’m that tired, but it’s just because I love sleeping so much. I aim to sleep for 10-12 hours a night, because I just know it makes me happier. I’m not someone who can run off of no sleep, so I make sure I get the hours of sleep a night that I need… I really treasure my rest time a lot.

9 | One of my least favourite things is saying that I am ‘gluten-free’. I really don’t know why I hate this so much, but I really truly do. It’s like as soon as you say it, you can FEEL the eye-rolls happening. People who don’t have food allergies / sensitivities just don’t get it, and that’s fine. But don’t make me feel shitty for not being able to eat regular pasta or a muffin. I try to avoid that phrase as often as I can because it makes me really self-conscious. #hatersgonnahate

10 | Before I die, I will make it to Paris. I have no idea where my obsession with this city came from, but the obsession is oh-so real. I used to have my room completely done in black, red and white with Paris prints everywhere. My parents always buy me something with Paris on it for every single occasion that presents are given & so many other people have given me Paris-themed presents, too. I am always looking at flights there and one of these days, I’m just going to do it.

11 | I have this weird obsession with Thursdays. I live for Thursdays. Some people love Fridays, other people love Mondays ( why??? ). Thursday is that day for me. I really don’t know why, but it’s just my favourite day of the week, hands down.

12 | My future kids have been named since I was a pre-teen. Honestly. I have six options that I am obsessed with ( probably won’t get to use them all! ) but they even have middle names too. All six of them.

13 | Salt & vinegar is my favourite flavour for anything. Popcorn seasoning, potato chip flavour… It’s my jam. I eat salt & vinegar flavouring like it’s going out of style. Give me it all.

14 | When I was younger I had myself convinced that I was allergic to peanut butter. I used to eat PB sandwiches like, every single day and then one day, I told my mom I couldn’t do it anymore. I had a classmate who was deathly allergic to peanut butter and from that point, I had myself convinced I was too. I wouldn’t even smell it or go near it. This went on for a few years, I kid you not. Then one day, I looked at the back of a PB jar and saw the most delicious homemade peanut butter cups. I got my mom to make them for me ( I was like 9 or 10 ) and I ate a shit-ton of them that night. PB allergy crisis averted.

15 | My pre-teen & teenage room was covered in magazine posters. But not just any posters. They were all Nelly, 50 Cent, Usher and Chris Brown. The paint on my wall was BARELY visible. It used to drive my parents crazy because my dad spent so much time painting my room exactly how I had wanted it and then like, a year later, I completely covered it in posters and never took them down. My favourite was the shirtless 50 Cent that was right next to my bed.

16 | Along those same lines, I spent every dollar I had on Betty & Veronica comic books and trashy teen magazines. I have 3 huge bins of Betty & Veronica comic books that I cannot get rid of and even more bins that are full of J14 and M magazines… minus the posters of course! Going for groceries with my mom was always my favourite thing to do ( still is, to be honest ) because I could load up on comic books and magazines.

17 | I am a sentimental packrat. I keep everything. I have binders and duo-tangs full of all of my schoolwork and notes since I was in grade primary… I have arts and crafts that I did, projects, and I have every birthday / Christmas / holiday card that I have ever received tucked away. I just can’t bring myself to get rid of them.

18 | One of my fav things to do is to fly & I love to fly solo. There was one year that I took 3 ( roundtrip ) flights alone and I literally LOVED it. I think it’s so relaxing and therapeutic to be on a plane and it’s even better when it’s alone. I love how there’s no connection, no wifi, no constant communication with others. It’s just you, your music and a good book, plus the view isn’t too bad either!

19 | Sports are one of the things that really get my tears flowing. It doesn’t even matter if I like the athlete / team / sport… if someone wins, says a speech, wins a championship, it doesn’t matter who or what team, there’s a 100% chance that I’m going to cry. It just gets to me.

20 | Crime shows are my jam. The more people that die / get arrested / end up shot / serial killers that are on the loose / gang members doing gang shit, the better. No, seriously. I live for crime shows. If there are no new crime shows on, you betcha I’m watching old re-runs ( because they’re on all the time!! ). I love everything from the ‘real’ shows like First 48 and Drugs Inc., to the ‘pretend world’ shows like Chicago PD, Criminal Minds and CSI.

Well that’s that!

I can’t wait to continue sharing my life here for lots of years to come. So many new posts coming up. Lots of words… maybe even some photos if I can get my shit together. Who knows, really.

Don’t hold your breath though – that’s all I’m saying!

julieann x


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