2015 in review

2015 was hands down the best, busiest, happiest, funnest, most spontaneous year of my life, but it was also hard at times.

I learned a lot. I lost a lot. I taught a lot. I gained a lot.

I lost some good friends, I gained some even better ones. I learned that sometimes there are people who aren’t who you think they are ( <<<< or want them to be ). I also learned that sometimes there are people who are exactly what you need in your life, to better it.

This year was truly a year full of learning and tough lessons.

I’m a firm believer in the saying that “people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime”. I’m also a firm believer in letting go of toxic people, toxic relationships and toxic environments.


I am able to look back on 2015 as a positive time in my life, even though, at times, it seemed really bad. Sure, there were nights that I cried and cried, there were times that people treated me really badly, times that I really didn’t think I was going to be able to make my family proud and graduate. But I got through them all and I fully believe that 2015 was a year that made me “me”.

I made some decisions that will impact my life forever. I let go of people who I thought would be with me for life and I also connected with ( and re-connected with ) others who are hugely important to me now.

Looking back over 2015 brings tears to my eyes but also a smile to my face…



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The year started out with tons of snow storms, lots of parties, even more basketball games, and a lot of time spent with family and friends.


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February brought even more snow storms ( and ice, oh my goodness, the ice ), even more parties, an overload of basketball, and time spent with family and friends.


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In March, we escaped the snow ( after lengthy delays ) and headed to Florida for some much needed sunshine, more basketball and tons of relaxation. We went to Animal Kingdom, shopped until we dropped and lost our parents for a few hours… when rental cars break down and you can’t contact your parents, you just lay in the sunshine and pray everything is fine. I also kicked off graduation with the annual Maroon Ball at my university.

Apparently April got lost in translation and I didn’t take any good pictures. April pretty much consisted of final papers, final exams, stressing about graduation and thanking my lucky stars that I did really well and passed all of my courses.


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May just might have been my absolute favourite month this year / of my life. It started with a super fun night spent with friends and an unexpected hotel party for a pre-graduation / combo birthday celebration. Then I graduated. Oh my goodness, this was one of the highlights of my whole entire life. I’m not a school person, but somehow I got it together and I did it. I switched programs 3 times during my undergrad, but somehow I pulled it off, got all of my credits and graduated in 4 years ( which is the norm ). I was 0.03 GPA points shy of being on the Dean’s List – talk about annoying. But walking across that stage and finally having my degree ( which is still unframed, just chilling in my living room ) in hand was so exciting! I celebrated my birthday with friends and in combination with another friend’s 19th birthday – so fun! Then I texted my mom on the 26th of May and said “I booked a flight to Florida” and headed out the next morning super early at 4 am! It was a whirlwind 4 days but I had so much fun. I saw Fort Lauderdale Beach, Hollywood Beach, South Beach ( holyyyy the cars!! ) and downtown Miami.


dec29 10 dec29 11

June was much calmer and I prepped for a busy summer of day camp work during the week and fitting in every adventure that I could during evenings and weekends. I started my summer of adventure by exploring around my home province, seeing beautiful beaches that are literally less than 40 minutes from my house. I spent a lot of my days in the sunshine and the rest were spent working with kids.


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July kicked off with Canada Day celebrations and Alexah’s birthday, followed up with mudsliding, hiking, and exploring more beauty around the province. I absolutely love being surrounded by water and the beauty that nature brings.


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August might give May a run for its’ money… it was definitely a good one. It started off with a week vacay at the beach house with the fam. We used to have a cabin, but it was a lot of work for my grandparents so they sold it and now we rent these sick beach condos for a week each summer and it’s on the nicest beach, and only a 15 minute drive from the beach our old cabin is on. It’s the best. Throw in a day trip to a deserted, creepy as heck, definitely haunted island with work in the middle of that week vacay and that was a super fun start to August. Daniel and I explored a ton of places near the beach house and found a secret beach that we fell in love with. The clear water, warm air and marine life made it feel like we were down south. Daniel and I then decided to go on a road trip to Boston. BEST decision ever. We met Amir Johnson ( AKA my dad’s favourite basketball player ), almost got run over by Fetty Wap and his crew on bicycles ( serious people, it was hilarious ) and saw the Red Sox play AND WIN at Fenway, plus David Ortiz hit his 495th homerun.


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September = more adventures around our hometown. SO many cool places and I can’t wait to go back to some and explore new ones.


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October = apple picking, Thanksgiving, Halloween and pumpkin everything. I just love the fall.

Apparently November got shafted too and I didn’t get any pictures worthy of posting… I was sick for the majority of this month, as you know if you’ve been following for a bit now!


IMG_0112  dec24 2 dec29 18 dec29 20

December = Chrsitmas everything. I got hit with the stomach flu early in the month but I got better super fast and was able to Christmas shop, wrap, look at lights, watch Elf approximately 542 times, drink wayyyy too many Starbucks holiday drinks, make a gingerbread house village, bake and enjoy time with loved ones.

2015 was so exciting. I explored a lot. I traveled a lot, near and far. I spent too much money and saved hardly any. But this year, I truly feel as though I lived. I lived every moment and I have grown to love every moment.

Here’s to more adventures and travel. Here’s to new places, new people, love and happiness.

Here’s to 2016 being even better than 2015.

xx julieann


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