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Hi hi helllooooo! Longest time, no talk.

I think I last posted on Sunday before I took a little vacation. I headed to Cuba with a group of 10 VERY random friends on April 27 & we all soaked up the sunshine, 36 degree weather, free mojitos and most of us thrived off of the lack of wifi connection for the week.

The next 6 days were spent mostly at the pool with a few afternoons on the beach. I’ve never been so completely relaxed on a vacation. Seriously. My biggest decision was whether or not I should finish my chapter in my book & then go in the pool, or go in the pool first & finish my book afterwards. It was pure bliss. I turned my phone off of airplane mode one time to send my mom a quick “I’m alive” text message and other than that I was completely disconnected.

And totally relaxed.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m still in a post-Cuban relaxation state of mind even though I’ve been home for like 5 days now… It’s pretty great.

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I didn’t participate in any of the excursions. I didn’t have a wild night out. I didn’t even brush my hair most days ( shout out to French braids, dutch braids, boxer braids and just plain old messy hair for allowing me to be super lazy and / or kind of disgusting ). I read 3 books. I went to bed before midnight every single night… I mean whewww, it was a wild time. Kidding.

It was SO relaxing and I loved every minute of it.

Being able to walk 30 seconds and be on the beach, hearing the waves crashing and birds chirping is seriously the most relaxing bit of a beach vacation – even though birds kind of completely freak me the eff out. There’s something about sand between your toes, chlorine and salt water permanently in your hair and sunscreen always coating your body that just makes me SOOOoo obsessed with Cuba.

Every single time I’ve been I’ve come home and been on a permanent high.

Like, no joke. I don’t even feel like myself right now. I’m just so zenned out and happy.

Being on vacation at the beach is one of the only times that I am ever fully relaxed. I mean it’s always a plus when the vacation destination is in a country where wifi is scarce and cellular reception is limited because it forces you to just live in the moment and enjoy the serenity of the vacation, and not be constantly refreshing and checking in.

There’s something so therapeutic about laying on a reclined beach chair all day, drinking slushy drinks, eating chips and reading all damn day.

Daniel and I are obsessively talking about our next vacation destinations… Greece? Bermuda? Back to Cuba? I’m thinking all three, plus more.


Anyway, I just wanted to check in and say hi, yes I am alive… I’ve been continuing to read books obsessively and catching back up on all things work / school / and just life in general. I’ll be back to share some more pictures VERY soon!

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