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Happy Saturday guys!

Today was such a good day. It started off with an early morning wake-up. Not super early because it is Saturday, but still not a noon wake-up ( <<<< HATE sleeping in and wasting my day ).

We headed in to the city for a walk around. It was SO nice out today, like 16 degrees and totally nice enough to walk around without a coat.

We went to a fresh juice place, a boutique, shopped a bit, ate a delicious vanilla bean donut and then got Starbucks. Peppermint mocha lattes are back. Life is good.

Then we did a lot of work for my blog, ate breakfast for dinner and cuddled & watched a whole bunch of YouTube videos.

I could get used to Saturdays like today!

Now I’m off to eat my body weight in ketchup chips and peanut butter cups and watch Drugs INC. <<<< Seriously getting back on the health train tomorrow! Tons of green smoothies, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, omelettes and lemon water this week.

Lazy Saturday nights after a busy day are my absolute fav. How do you guys like to spend your Saturdays? Let me know!

Have a good rest of your weekend!



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