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Hi guys! Happy Friday!

Ok, so, I am never one to get preachy and tell people what to do, but there’s nothing that I hate more than wasting water. And using excessive amounts of plastic, wasting gas and overall treating our planet badly. This is super weird fact about me and I don’t often tell people this or anything, but I just thought that what better day to talk about it than on Earth Day. There are so many quick and easy ways that we can eliminate the amount of water we waste, the amounts of plastic we use and gas we burn. We only get one planet, one Earth, one chance, so we need to give it all we’ve got.

So here I go, a little preachy maybe but that’s okay, it’s for a good cause. These are commitments that I try to make every single day, not just on Earth Day & I encourage you to do the same. Even if you can’t commit to doing them all each and every day, just try your best and eventually you may be able to work them all into your daily routines.


Letting water run excessively for no reason. When people leave the water run while brushing their teeth it really stresses me out. It seems like such a waste. My brother also lets the shower run for a much too long period of time before he gets in the shower. I swear it runs for like 10 minutes before he even gets in, like why? I don’t know. It does NOT take that long to heat up. There are sometimes when I will let the water run for a bit before I use it. I don’t know about you but washing my face with freezing cold water is not something that I often like to do – if it’s freezing and I’m sunburnt, sure! but not on the regular. And I do let the water heat up for a shower before I get in, but not for as long as my brother does – eeekk!

Wasting water that hasn’t been consumed. Water that sits in the end of your water bottle for a day can be gross. I mean technically there’s nothing wrong with it but I don’t like to use my water bottles for multiple days in a row because it just doesn’t seem sanitary. Instead of dumping the water down the drain, I will pour it in flowers at the house, plants my mom is growing or use it to rinse out a dirty dish, etc. I barely ever pour it down the drain after I’m finished & won’t drink the rest.

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> Stop purchasing water in plastic water bottles every day. Yes, it’s way easier to just pick up a bottle from the store when you’re thirsty instead of having to think + plan ahead and bring a water bottle from home with you but not only will this help our Earth, it will ultimately save you money in the long run… Prices of bottled water vary from $1 – $5+. You can get a decent, reusable and even cute water bottle at the store for anywhere from $5 – $20+, depending on how much you want to spend. I am the queen of overpacking water bottles. Today, I only brought one and it was a big mistake. Usually I carry at least 2-4 bottles with me when I know I won’t be around any decent water to fill up my bottle.

Use reusable bags for groceries and / or shopping, or use no bag at all. How many plastic bags do we throw out per year from groceries, shopping and the like? I really don’t even want to know, to be honest. It’s probably wayyyy too many. My mom has a pile of resuable bags and every time I’m out with her that’s all we use. I am making a commitment to myself and my planet to put a few reusable bags in my car so that when I get my own groceries I can say ‘no’ to a plastic bag and just use my reusable ones. Also when shopping, I usually end up getting one bag and then just shoving all of my other purchases into my first bag so that I am not using a ton of plastic bags each shopping trip. If you have a small purchase, such as one or two pieces of food or something like that, I often say ‘no’ to a bag and just carry it in my hands.

Ziploc baggies = NO. I have never ever used Ziploc or plastic baggies / plastic wrap for to-go foods. I remember being in elementary school and everyone would have baggies of food and I’d have a huge pile of plastic containers in my lunch bag. I used to beg my mom every. single. night. to be able to use Ziploc baggies and she always would say ‘no’. Now I understand. The amount of plastic garbage that all my classmates had was ridiculous and I not only saved my family money by using reusable containers, we were helping to reduce plastic waste.


Don’t speed up fast & don’t leave your car running. I never ever do either of these. Basically, gas is WAY too expensive to burn that fast and I hate having to spend money on gas so often. Plus it’s so not good for our air. Polluting the air by letting our gas from our cars emit into the environment is just totally irresponsible. If you’re waiting for someone for longer than a few seconds, do the world a favour and turn your car off.

If you can walk, do it! Or bike, bus, skateboard, whatever! Obviously this isn’t always feasible and convenient but if you have the spare time to walk, use public transportation or some other means of transportation, do it! Not only will it keep our environment clean, it will make you healthier & you’ll spend less money – win win win!

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Get out and explore.
> Eat clean and green.
> Recycle cans, bottles, electronics, clothing, shoes, everything that you can!
> Donate your used items so that others can love them & they don’t rot in landfills.
> Shorter showers.
> Turn off lights / electronics ( AKA TV!! Don’t leave it on all night! ) when not in use.

I know this post is going up pretty late and Earth Day is almost over, but these are commitments that I try to make every day and not just today. How do you help to protect our planet?


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