all about the twin costumes


Semi-jokingly one night I tagged Alexah in a FB post that was like 18 costumes to be with your BFF this Halloween… and then we decided that we were gonna do one of them.

We were thinking Starbucks or Gossip Girl, but we decided on the “twinning”/”dancing girls” emoji.

Which is actually 2 playboy bunnies, apparently… so say but people have interpreted it diff AKA why we thought it was twins/dancers.

This was the funnest costume to DIY – not much to make but the pieces were fun to pick up. And it was super easy.

We got 2 black bodysuits from American Apparell, wore black flats that we already had, put our hair up in a half-topknot and attached a black bow. <<<< we could’ve worn bunny ears/cat ears but we didn’t want to explain to people all night that we weren’t bunnies/cats, so we went with bows.

Neither of us had black lipstick and we realized after we put on our dark red lipstick that we should’ve looked more closely at the emoji and just bought cheap black lipstick for the night, but the dark red worked! We wore skin-coloured tights BECAUSE IT’S FREEZING ( << just make sure your tights don’t have the weird like short type thing where the fabric/colour changes right around the top, because you’ll be able to see it ).

I’m loving the costumes that are twins/groups. I think it’s super fun and I’m so excited to DIY a costume next year and hopefully have them as fun/cute as mine were this year ( in my opinion anyway ).

I hope your Halloween was fun! Mine was interesting…. definitely not one of my favs but fun for the most part.

Thank god it’s Sunday. I am ready to start this week fresh and get shit done. I’m determined to make it a better week than last week. Happy November! (<< OMG November already guys, it’s almost Christmas!! )



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