autumn ( cold weather ) essentials


It’s no secret that I love this time of year. The other day I shared my must have autumn beauty and makeup picks so today I thought I would share my other must haves for fall.

This is a random mix of things and it includes a few beauty must haves ( that I totally blanked on the other day ) because I am a #hotdamnmess.

Basically for fall I just like to be cozy but still cute. I’m all about the accessories because let’s face it. Generally you’re wearing layers AKA a coat, sweater, and then your cute outfit underneath.

So I think to keep the accessories cute and use them to make up for the layers covering up my cute outfits.

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I love love love flannels. Plaid prints are so cute and classically fall so I like to keep a few of these in my closet. I love this red and black and white one but I also love my green and navy blue one. I have a few posts to come this week on different ways that are super cute to style flannels! YAY. <<<< I took way too many pictures today and I am so excited to do these posts.

I also love chunky necklaces. Gold jewelry is something I have a love/hate relationship with. I go for like a few months where I absolutely love it and then I hate it, like want nothing to do with it, think it’s so ugly. Currently I’m having one of my love affairs with it and can’t get enough.

Some left over beauty products that I forgot in my previous post are dark nail polish! I love OPI’s Linkin Park After Dark. I also love white nailpolish and have loved this trend since spring. This is an Essie one and I can’t for the life of my think of the name ( and I don’t wanna get out of bed and look #sorrynotsorry ). B&BW have the best smelling shower gels and lotions and I mentioned that I love the fall scents before, but I also love Cashmere Glow. It’s always been one of my favs.


These chunky boots I stole from my mom BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE. They go with everything and I love the height of them. I’ve never really worn short boots before, usually at least cover my ankle or higher, but I am loooooving these ones.

And my cabin socks from Roots are must haves, of course. I love wearing these over top of ankle socks for extra warmth and coziness (<< is that even a word??? ).


Blanket scarves are so cozy and chunky around your neck <<<< FAV. I hate limp scarves. Chunky knit infinity scarves and huge blanket scarves are my favs.

Hats are def a must have this fall. I’m obviously loving floppy hats because they’re so cute, but some days you just need a basic beanie. I got this one super cheap ( literally $4 ) from Forever 21 and I love it. Say goodbye to bad hair days cause hats got your back girl.

Tea is def high up on my MUST HAVE LIST BECAUSE IT’S SO GREAT. I love the warm drinks from Starbucks, Second Cup, etc., but they are hard on the stomach, weight and bank account. Which is why I love flavoured teas. Less sugar, less caffeine, no whipped cream = healthier but still tasty.

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B&BW candles are obviously essential. They smell so good and the jars are cute. I picked up two new ones and I am loving the frosted finish on the containers this season!

I also have to have a good book because I love curling up with a blanket and tea, reading a book. This series is super creepy but SO GOOD! The third book just came out and I am so excited to read it.

So those are my basic must haves for fall. Throw in some warm cookies, black leggings, leather coats, cozy nights in watching movies and binge watching seasons of Gossip Girl/One Tree Hill/Chicago PD, etc., while procrastinating homework and it basically sums me up for the colder months.

What are your fall must haves? Do you have any autumn essentials!? Let me know in the comments! I want to know!

Happy Weekend! xx//julieann



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