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I really love this season. I love the colours on the trees ( that no longer exist here, thanks to the wind/rain we got last Thursday uggggh ), the crisp air, longer nights, the cold weather being an excuse to curl up in a hoodie and blankets and watch movies all day once in a while.

I also love the makeup trends in the fall… The darker/redder toned lipsticks, gold and shimmery eye shadow colours, darker eyebrows, more intense eye liner, fuller lashes, deeper blushes and less of a bronzey contour (<< I hate contouring, I think it’s the hardest thing to master so I love this season when looking tanned isn’t extremely important ).

Staying moisturized and getting rid of the dry/flaky/ugly skin that comes with this season is a must too. Also my hair gets so dry this time of year so I’m always taking care of it as well, trying to anyway.


Some of my favourite beauty products for keeping everything moisturized and soft during the colder months are creams and lotions, exfoliating face products, tons of lip balms and hair masks. I don’t know about you guys but my hands HATE cold weather being washed. Like they break out so bad in this gnarly rash and I have super bad eczema on my hands in the winter. I pretty much carry a hand cream/lotion with me wherever I go. I have an Aveeno one in my car, an eos one in my backpack, this B&BW fall scented one in my purse and Lush’s charity pot, a Eucerin cream and another Lush charity pot beside my bed… I always need it, so I always keep it close. Plus when I have a scented one AKA like a B&BW lotion, I like to keep a nonscented one with me too, because sometimes the scented ones make my hands worse. <<< UGGGGH it’s rough having bad skin on your hands.

I am obsessed with exfoliating (<< prob gonna do a whole post on this soon, like I am OBSESSED ). My dad convinced the Sephora people to give him samples of things when he was buying me a gift one time and these exfoliating pads by Philosophy were some of the free samples. AND I LOVE THEM. They’re rough enough to get the job done, but they don’t hurt. They do really dry your face out so I use extra moisturizer when I use these.

I love eos lip balms, Eucerin lip products, Lush’s lip scrubs ( <<< EXFOLIATING IS MY FAV HOBBY ), Burt’s Bees lip balms ( and lip crayons… SO moisturizing plus wicked colours ). Basically I just like to keep my lips hydrated and moisturized so in the colder months you’ll always see me chugging water and applying lip balms.

The last thing that I like to do is keep my hair hydrated and moisturized. I loved the hair mask that Pantene has out, the Macadamia Oil one is good too, but ATM I am loving this Tresemme one! You can use it more often than any other hair masks that I’ve ever used and it doesn’t make your hair super greasy or anything. It’s more like an intense deep conditioner. Love.

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In the fall/winter I also tend to wear more makeup than in the warmer months ( duh ). I am loving my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in the shade 1N2. It provides a really nice coverage that seems to last all day, and it’s waaayyy buildable or you can just wear a little. I also tend to need more concealer in the colder months because school + work = late nights = bags under my eyes. #notcute I use the Covergirl concealer for under my eyes as it’s brightening but I don’t like it on breakouts or blemishes as it really excentuates the blemish and that’s also NOT CUTE. So for those I tend to stick to my Caryl Baker concealer pot that’s almost gone! I’m so heartbroken because you can’t buy this brand around here anymore. I need good concealer recommendations ASAP! <<< leave them below please!

My favourite mascara currently is by Lancome. It’s the Hypnose Drama and I use the midnight black colour, non-waterproof. Side note: I HATE waterproof mascara. I don’t why but I can’t use it. Lancome mascaras are my ride or die for sure. I love all of them that I’ve used and this is my fifth diff mascara from them that I’ve tried and I am obsessed.

Anastasia’s Brow Wiz helps me get the dark and defined brows that are so in when it’s colder outside. I love a dark brow for date night and then you can play down your eye shadow/lashes/liner.

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Dark lips and red lips are my favourite part about fall makeup HANDS DOWN. I am obsessed with the Burt’s Bees lip crayons ( <<< moisturizing and a sick colour like I said before! ). This one is called Napa Vineyard and it’s the perfect dark berry shade. The L’Oreal lipsticks in Blake’s red and Julianne’s red are my 2 favourite reds for fall ( SO FAR! ). And Mac’s Flat Out Fabulous purple lipstick is another tried and true fav shade.

I love a less fruity/flowery scented perfume in the colder months and Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black has been my go-to lately. It’s super light and pretty smelling. I also like the White version, but the Black is def my fav if I had to pick one.

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I never ever wear eye shadow but in the colder months, I definitely am more likely to wear it than in the spring/summer. My go-to pallettes are the NYX Nearly Naked and Urban Decay’s Naked 2. Both have very similiar shades – nudes, browns and a few darker shades and I love the matte and the shimmery that both pallettes include.


NARS Laguna bronzer and orgasm blush are hands down my holy grail bronzer and blush duo. I don’t even really know what more to say. The bronzer is shimmery enough, but there’s not too much sparkle. The blush is orange enough, but still pinkish-red. I don’t even know. The colour is just great. The pigment in both products is fabulous and they both last on your face like, all day&night. Clearly I love the Laguna bronzer A LOT. I have another Orgasm blush that I just finished which is why this one doesn’t look that used.

I love my EcoTools brushes for everything – eye makeup, foundation, concealer, bronzer/blush/powder, and I never use any other brushes. I get them for a pretty reasonable price at the drug store. They are such good quality brushes and I highly recommend them!

For fall I like to keep it pretty basic. Pretty orange/pink blush, dark lip, shimmery eyes and moisturized skin! These are my go-to products lately. I like to keep it simple and I tend to stick to a routine. <<< as with everything in my life. I suck at mixing it up. BUT I’m trying out new products slowly but surely and am falling in love with them! I’m going to create my basic fall makeup look and post it soon, so you can see which shades I use and how it all goes together.

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