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Hi guys!

Just a quick post today… honestly, time today got away from me and before I knew it, I was all curled up in bed & was like OMG Blogtober. So here I am. Late + quick post…

But it’s a questionnaire about fall, so forgive me.


+ Favourite thing about fall:
The weather, the pumpkins, the colours and driving around, looking at the gorgeous leaves. Seriously, road trips in the fall are the BEST.

+ Favourite fall/Halloween movie:
Does Bewitched count?

+ Fashion trend you’re loving for fall:
OTK boots, turtlenecks/mocknecks and the super neutral / grey / blush pink tones that are popping up EVERYWHERE.

+ Favourite fall drink:
Pumpkin spice lattes!

+ What is fall weather like where you live:
Crisp, cool, foggy a lot of the time and WINDY AF.

+ Apple picking or hayrides:
Apple picking hands down!

+ Rain or fog:
NEITHER. I seriously don’t think that either of these are ideal for fall weather… I prefer a nice gentle breeze, cooler temps and sunshine.

+ Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown:
Confession time – I’ve honestly never seen either…

+ Corn maze or haunted house:

+ Halloween or Thanksgiving:
Thanksgiving most definitely.

+ Coats or oversized sweaters:
Oversized sweaters for sure. I don’t like having to wear coats, because they always cover up your cute outfit that’s underneath!

+ Apple pie or pumpkin pie:
I’m not a fan of pie ( or desserts in general, just cake. Gimme all the cake ).

+ Cool crisp mornings or cozy evenings:
Oooohhh, I don’t even know how to pick! Probably cozy evenings, because it’s always so hard to get out of bed in the AM when it’s freezing outside.

+ Favourite fall candle:
Sweater Weather or Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte from B&BW.

+ Favourite thing to do in the fall:
Road trips to the valley, apple pick, bake anything & everything, go for nice crisp walks, enjoy the leaves, curl up and watch movies in the evening, light candles… I just love everything about fall.

What is your favourite thing about fall? Do you have any fall traditions with your family / loved ones? My favourite tradition is apple picking and going to the cheese house, but #duh.

xx julieann


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