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Happy happy Monday. For some reason I am in the best mood, even though it’s Monday, I feel like a zombie, it’s pouring outside and this cold is serioulsy kickin’ my booty. <<<<< my good mood might have to do with the fact that Starbucks has a promo on today – buy a holiday drink and get a holiday treat for free and it’s almost 2pm which means I could go cash in on that deal soon…

I’ve been thinking about my blog for a little while now and have come to the realization that it isn’t what I had set out for it to be. I wanted this to be an outlet for me. Somewhere that I could post about things I love, my feelings, tips + tricks, ramble a bit and use it as an online journal. But somehow, over the past month and 10 days that TIB has been a thing, I have lost my way.

Through using Instagram and looking at my blog analytics, I have found that fashion posts are the most popular ones. They get the most likes on Instagram, they are the most followed posts – they are the posts that get the most interactions, so fashion posts are what I have been posting the most, recently.

Don’t get me wrong – fashion posts are my absolute fav to write and retail therapy has always been my go-to to deal with life’s stresses and anxieties, but I want to get back to basics and start posting what I had set out to. And do it because I LIKE IT, not because it’s what is going to get me the most follows, likes, interactions, etc. but because I am passionate about it and it’s what I am interested in.

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It’s so easy to get caught in the follows and likes trap – you post what is getting the most positive reactions but I don’t want this blog to just feature things that get me noticed.

I want it to be real. I want it to be me.

I chose the name The Intimate Brunette for a few reasons…

a) I want it to be real, intimate, a deeper look in to my life and things that everyone goes through,

b) I want to touch on subjects that I am passionate about and am interested in, allowing me to get in touch with myself and allowing others to get to know me,

c) I want to push limits and break boundaries with my writing. I don’t want to get sucked in to writing cliché posts and posts with no depth,

and finally, d) the name sounds like this site would be bad… but it’s not. I love me a good play on words.

Basically, I just want this to be a real place.

A place that I can talk about everything that I want to and not a place where I feel limited to post only what is getting me follows, likes, interactions, etc.


Yes, I love fashion and fashion posts are my fav to lay out, organize, write, edit, etc.and I love finding new ways to make my pictures visually appealing and I will still probably post about 239,139 of these posts because I heart them so much.

But I want to touch on other things in life too. I want to talk about health and wellness, food and drinks, my fitness journey ( and how I am currently working so hard to get back on track by doing fun things ), I want to do more DIY’s, go on adventures, capture moments and basically just live my life and love it.

I also want to keep the beauty, makeup and fashion posts coming too, beacuse as I’ve always been a hugeeee fan of these three things. Even back in the good old days, when I would force my mom to let me do her hair and makeup AKA put a million bright scrunchies in her hair and very badly apply lipstick and eyeshadow to her afce.

I want this to be REAL. I want this to be the REAL ME. I want to feel comfortable and like I am able to write whatever the hell I want because I CAN ( <<<<< this is my site, not yours… If you don’t like the post, you don’t have to read it, duh ).

I am going to do this for me and not for anyone else. I love each and every one of you who read this and support me. I’m not posting this to put anyone down or say that I don’t appreciate when you read my fashion posts BECAUSE I DO! I love them and I love that you all do too.

I’m getting back on track and I plan on making TIB what I had set out for it to be in the beginning.

XO julieann

Sidenote: I’m trying to make a journal category under the lifestyle header to post all of these type of postings in…. but I can’t for the life of me remember how to make a page! #bloggerprobs ha!




  1. November 23, 2015 / 11:45 pm

    So nicely said! I’m a new blogger and it is so easy to be discouraged by views and likes, and to not spill your heart out with that thinking that “nobody cares”. But this was a great reminder, and your blog is your own personal space- and it should be nothing short of genuine.

    • November 24, 2015 / 11:16 pm

      Thank you! I hope you love your blog as much as I love mine. XO

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