beanie love x ways to win my heart // winter days

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Coat: Espirit
Hat: Forever 21
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: Ugg


I am totally obsessed with hats and beanies ( toques for all you Canadians! ) because not only do they a) keep your head warm, they b) cover up your flat, dull hair that winter has totally killed. I really hate my hair in the winter and lately all I’ve been wearing are either braids or hats. Total life saver. I got this light pink beanie from Forever 21 for only $4.99 total steal. It’s actually pretty warm and the colour is so refreshingly “spring”… I’m so ready for bright colours ( who am I kidding, I’ll still be wearing black and white ) but the spring weather is MUCH needed. The groundhog did ( or didn’t? ) see his shadow around here today, whatever the one is that means spring is COMING SO SOON, so I’m gonna be sitting over here hopelessly praying that spring does start soon.

Also today, I’m linking up with Andrea who I found through Shay to participate in their bi-monthly “Show and Tell” link up. This week’s question ties in with Valentine’s Day and is ‘what are the ways to win your heart?’

There are so many ways to win my heart, but some would be embrace my love for chocolate. Seriously if someone brings me chocolate or shares chocolate with me, I will love you forever… especially if it’s dark chocolate or peanut butter / chocolate mix. Another way to win my heart would be love my family as your own. It’s so important to not only love your own crazy family, but to embrace the crazies in someone else’s family. Family is hugeeee up there on my list of most important things in life so I love when someone can love my family as their own. I love hugs. Real hugs, not the one-armed, half-assed hugs. Real, two-armed, tight squeezed hugs. One thing that is also up there on a top way to win my heart would be being a listener. Often we just hear what people are saying but we are not actively listening. We’re on our phones, checking social media, zoning out and not really giving people our full attention. If you can participate in the conversation and show your interest in what I have to say, I’m so appreciative.   As I said, there are so many more but these are most important: chocolate, family, hugs and listening ( in that order too. Chocolate > family. Just kidding… kind of… ).

xx julieann

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