beating the winter blues

Hey hey hey! I don’t know about you but winter is totally kickin’ my booty this year.

It’s only fitting that this post go out today.

On Blue Monday.

Myth or not, believe it or not, Blue Monday is one of those things. You’re either into it, or you’re not. You believe it and live it, or you’re annoyed by it and think it’s total nonsense.

No matter which side you fall on, it is something that is constantly talked about and hyped up each and every year.

If you’re not familiar with it – Blue Monday falls on the third Monday of every January. It is noted that this particular date each year falls far enough from Christmas that all of the holiday hoopla has died down, gift debts have rolled in & become real, resolutions are failing, cold/snowy/awful weather is in full force and people are experiencing low levels of motivation. These are all contributing factors to our thoughts/feelings/interactions on the third Monday every single January.

I don’t know about you guys, but today was just one of those days.

It was the Monday-est Monday E V E R.

Traffic was ridiculous ( as usual ) this morning, I almost fell asleep in class, class finally ended ( 5 minutes early for once! ) & then I proceeded to lock my keys in the front seat of my car. Thx god that my dad was on lunch break and just so happens to work at a car dealership so he could cut me a key and bring it over! I was late for work, I slipped on ice ( in front of eight primary school kids ) and I got a wind burn on my face and blisters from my new boots. #blessed

I wouldn’t particularly say that I was overly blue today, but there really was nothing stand-out about today. If I’m being honest, I am thankful that today is almost over.

So I am on a mission to make this winter one for the books. No more Mondays like today, no more long weeks that I begin to dread. I thrive in the spring, summer and fall, and I am the first one to say that I do struggle in the winter. It’s hard to keep it all together & stay positive with the snow falling, icy road conditions, dark skies early in the afternoon, and cold cold days that even the hottest coffee can’t warm up.

But for winter 2017, I am really focusing on my lifestyle – tweaking it a bit, adding some new things and spicing it up a lot.

beating the blues 101:

/ wake up earlier ( & actually get up ):

Lazing around in bed every once in a while is fine, but getting up when your alarm goes off is so key ( every day, but especially in the winter ). It’s hard to drag yourself out of bed, but once you’re up – it feels so much better!

/ take small breaks:

Things can get tedious this time of year. Winter is one of the busiest times with work and school, so take a break! You deserve it. I absolutely love rewarding myself with a little break every so often during my day. If I’m stuck working on a paper, I allow myself to take a little break to stretch it out, check social media and grab something to snack on. Read a good book, journal, write, or stalk Pinterest for motivational quotes.

/ get organized:

By seeing everything that you need to accomplish, you’re more likely to not miss out on a deadline or a commitment. I love taking time each Sunday or Monday to lay out my upcoming week and figure out when I can get my work done. I include everything like school assignment due dates, work schedules, meetings, blog time and social events. It helps everything seem a little bit less overwhelming and intimidating when you can see it all in front of you.

/ eat real food:

Stick to those New Year Resolutions & stay on the lean, clean and green train! Fueling your body with healthy goodies gives you energy and it allows you to feel better about yourself. By stuffing your face with greasy, take-out foods, you are going to feel even more sluggish and run down. I love making smoothies, smoothie bowls and colourful salads.

/ get outdoors:

In the summer, I’m outside all the dang time, but in the winter I tend to stick inside binging on television shows and watching movies. Going outside and enjoying a crisp walk is something that I need to do more this year. Vitamin D is still out there even if it is cold and blue.

/ look for the light:

Literally and figuratively. If you can afford it, investing in a ‘happy light’ is something that you could do to help beat the winter blues. I don’t know if they actually work like some people swear they do, but I love sitting in front of one each morning while reading and eating breakfast. Figuratively, you should be looking for the light, too. Enjoy the highs, soak up the positive vibes and embrace everything that life is throwing at you.

/ stay social and plan dates:

It’s so easy to get into a rut of going to school or work, and coming home for the night. I mean, it’s cold out, it could be snowy/icy/rainy, and it’s dark. Who wants to go outside in that each evening? YOU should. By cooping yourself up indoors, alone, it’s going to add to your low energy levels and lack of drive. By heading out and going on a date with your sig. other or your bestie, you’ll feel so much better. We feed off of others and our social interactions with them.

/ keep a sleep schedule:

Sleep SLEEP SLEEP. But don’t sleep too much – even on weekends. I like to stick to getting between seven to no more than nine hours sleep at night. I can’t function off any less than seven hours, so during the school week, I tend to get around seven. On the weekends, I like to allow myself to sleep in a bit and I’ll normally get around nine hours sleep. I try to make sure I go to bed within an hours difference each night and wake up generally the same times each morning, too. I find that this really helps me during the days.

That’s how I plan on beating the winter blues this year. What do you guys do to stay happy and positive in the winter? Do you find that the season effects you, or do you generally feel the same in January that you do in July?

JE x


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