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Happy Tuesday!

Today I’m participating in J Petite and Pucker Up Style‘s link-up again & I’m so excited.

The fashion topic this week is ‘booties’ and I LOVE ME a good bootie in the fall ( and winter / spring / summer… ).

It was only right that I wear these booties – they’ve been a fav since day one. They’re booties that my mom purchased a year ago and she ended up not liking the way they fit her so I got to take them over and I wear them all the time. She picked them up at Naturalizer, which is not a store that I often ( or hardly ever ) shop at, but they’re actually SO comfy and I love styling them.

The big chunky silver buckle detail is so cute and I think it adds the perfect amount of excitement to an otherwise basic black bootie. I am not a HUGE fan of overly heeled booties, so I like the shorter chunky heel on this pair.

OK & I couldn’t help myself – I had to pair these booties with my new favourite belt. I mean seriously how cute do black leather booties with a silver buckle pair with a black ( p )leather belt with silver double-buckles?

I have been eyeing a belt like this for q u i t e some time, but I haven’t found one that I was super interested in purchasing. I mean who knew how much money a super trendy belt would cost?

I was out shopping with Alexah the other day #shocker and we were in Forever 21, she was in line and I was wandering around the cash area ( you know, the area at F21 that sucks you in every. single. time…? Ya, that place ) & I saw this belt and I was like yup, I have to have it.

It was the perfect fit and the perfect price – for such a trendy piece, I’m not one to spend a ton because who knows how long a belt like this will be in style? I knew F21 wouldn’t let me down… It never does. <<< sidenote: the belt I found on the F21 website is the exact same as mine, but a whole $30 more expensive… so confused!? I paid $18.90 and online it’s coming up as $48.00 – I don’t know what’s going on here!

One last thing – I’m featured on the Layers + Lipstick linkup this week & I couldn’t be more grateful / thankful / honoured / humbled. Seriously! It’s crazy! & it’s only right that I feature one other chambray piece in this week’s linkup this week, since that’s what got me to this spot today!

This off the shoulder piece is one of my go-to’s. I probably wore it WAY to many times this summer but that’s alright ( my grandpa says I look nice in it, so I’ll take that compliment and run with it any day because he’s so cute ).

And you can never go wrong with black high-waisted jeans & a choker – am I right or am I right?

I’m off to frolic in the sunflower fields and spend the day exploring the valley with Daniel ( pictures will be on my Instagram tomorrow & up on the blog on the weekend! ).

Chat tomorrow,

julieann xx

layers and lipstick linkup++ make sure you check out THIS POST because it features another outfit with booties & THIS POST because it features the cutest colour nails ( I wish I had the patience to paint my nails! This solid periwinkle colour is gorgeous ). Again, hugest thanks to the ladies for picking me as the featured blogger this week xx.



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