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13267691_638066399683978_8217060169723154177_n This weekend was one of those weekends that just felt like it was never-ending and totally not in a bad way.

Before the weekend even officially started, my bestie Alexah went out of her way to find a GF cafe and got me the most delicious brownie and cupcake that I have ever had. Like ever. She surprised me with them at work on Thursday night & I devoured them. I mean they were so good that I ate them both within the 3 hours that we were at work… okay, maybe less than 3 hours but I don’t want to admit that.

Then I started the weekend early on Friday morning. I mean I still had to work from 2-9 but it was a breeze. Daniel and I went to a cute lil’ cafe for some gluten free ( donair if you’re Daniel ) breakfast sandwiches. But before breakfast, I went to pick Daniel up. I texted him and said that I was “here” and he responded “come here, I need help” and I was super confused / panicked. I opened the door and he was standing there, clearly unfazed / not worried / not needing help, with 4 huge balloons and a card for me. It was the sweetest thing.

I told him like MONTHS & months ago that all I wanted for my birthday was a giant balloon and he remembered and surprised me with them.

So sweet.

>> Side note about the Shopkins balloon – I suck at drawing. Like drawing stick people even proves to be a difficult task for me accomplish. Ever since I started working at the afterschool program, I have been asked begged every single day to draw Shopkins for the kiddos. It turns out that I have a real talent at drawing these weird, creepy little creatures and I sing the Shopkins theme song all day long… so Daniel thought it would be hilarious to add this balloon to my bouquet of balloons. <<

Then we hit up Starbucks because even though I guarantee the cafe had great drinks, I had a freebie from Starbucks and was totally craving an iced caramel macchiato.

After breakfast, we then headed over to the school my mom teaches at to watch their school musical – The Lion King. It was so stinkin’ cute. They were giving it their all with singing and dancing, acting and just having fun with each other. After this I headed to work and we got poured on! Like the sky opened up and we were stuck outside because we didn’t have a key to the building. When the group of younger kids came up, they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me and it was just precious. I got so many cards and hugs at work after we finally got inside and out of the crazy rainstorm!

& my uncle surprised me with a pack of donuts to share. He was only down for like 24 hours and he drove all the way out to surprise me at work ( the total opposite direction of the airport ) when he had less than 2 hours before his flight took off. I haven’t seen him in a few years, and we don’t talk regularly – unfortunately – so it was nice to see him and give him a hug!

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On Saturday morning, I headed over to my grandpa’s to spend some time with him. I always love heading over to his place, to chat with him and just catch up. After we went to see my grandpa, Daniel and I went to the grocery store and bought WAY too many treats and headed to a park for a little picnic. The weather on Saturday was UNBELIEVABLE, like so so so nice. It was hot when we were just sitting and eating food – like totally uncharacteristic weather for this time of year around here. But I was not complaining!

We sat and talked, looked at the gorgeous view forever, soaking up all of the sunshine.

We also hit up the beach and went for a very quick walk ( like so short I don’t even think it can be considered a walk… but anyway ) because even though it was super hot in general, the beach was still freeeeeezing. After the beach, we sat on my back deck for another couple hours and then went shopping when it was starting to get dark / chilly outside.

>> H&M has been my go-to spot lately. Like seriously SO many cute clothes, I just can’t stop shopping there. I might as well just give them my next 3 paychecks because I want it allllll. <<

Overall, Saturday was probably one of my favourite – if not, my favourite – day so far this year. It was so chilled and relaxing, yet busy and fun-packed at the same time. I got to do all of my favourite things and see all of my favourite people. All around it was a win, win win.

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On Sunday, I worked for a few hours and then Daniel and I headed out to try to take some pictures before the rain hit again. I am seriously obsessed with these balloons, like I’m pretty sure I’m going to cry when they deflate…

My drive to Daniel’s was not uneventful as I guess when I loaded in the balloons, a gigantic, terrifying, powerful wasp ( or hornet – what even is the difference!? ) made its way into my freakin’ car. I’m not going to lie, I’m not hugely terrified of them when I’m in the outdoors, BUT when I’m in an enclosed car it makes me a littttle bit nervous.

& I was super worried that the little crazy guy would pop my balloons with his stinger – maybe a little bit dramatic but that was my thought process, as I screamed and pulled over. I literally had to herd the little thing out of my car ( IT DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE!! ) and sped off before he could get back in.

Irrational thought process at its finest.

Honestly, I was just trying to protect my balloons.

After Daniel and I got the pictures, we got in the car and it instantly started to rain. The rain held off for us – I just know it. ; ) We went to look at camera equipment / a GO-PRO because I’m so intrigued… and then headed out for dinner with my parents, brother and grandpa. YAY SO much family time this weekend. I soaked it all up. I love my people.

The funniest thing about dinner was when the waitress was going through her little speech of their “beer specials” of the day, my grandpa’s face lit up. I mean, I’ve seen my grandpa drink alcohol MAYBE 2 times in my whole life… and his face genuinely LIT UP & he couldn’t order a beer fast enough. We all laughed way too hard and he drank his beer entirely too fast, which made us laugh even harder. Like it was gone before I had even drank half of my iced tea…

After dinner it was cake & presents time… I got an avocado and a green pepper, some peanut butter granola, gas money and a few gift cards & an IOU for new make-up… my parents know me all too well.

I know you may all think that the weekend ends on Sunday, but the thing about my birthday weekend is that it is always on the long weekend. Thank you Queen Victoria. Happiest of birthdays to you, too, girl. You rock.

So on Monday morning, the queen’s holiday, my mom and I set out to do some damage at the mall, pick up some groceries and devour Costco ice cream – because it’s gluten free and your girl’s gotta have a treat every now and then. Plus my mom’s trying to convert to the GF lifestyle for health reasons and I know all too well how hard it is. Sometimes you just gotta enjoy a naughty treat and reward yourself for coming so far. And my mama deserved a reward.

Daniel and I also hit up Starbucks again because why not?? And we finished the weekend by watching WAY too many episodes of Cops & I watched the Raptors beat the Cavaliers with my dad. BEST way to end an already awesome weekend.

I am so incredibly thankful for all of the love and treats from my favourite people who really made this weekend SUPER special. Sometimes I dread birthdays… because I feel like they’re always hyped up and are often a let-down. This one lived up to its expectations and was one of my best birthdays yet!

I love my people so much. I love spending time with them and soaking up EVERY moment that I have with them. Here’s to another year of love and happiness! 23 is going to be the best year.


++ outfit details to come in future posts xo


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