black-on-black: date night

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I PROMISED I wouldn’t do any more fashion posts for a little bit BUT I couldn’t help it. These pics were just too good not to post right away. If there’s a sunset involved, trees & water, plus a black-on-black outfit, it’s just way too good to not post pics. #sorrynotsorry

I worked all day on Saturday and got a surprised visitor at work ( it’s really great when your work is your bf’s work and he lives approx 5 mins away from it ). We ate some timbits and drank some tea, he had coffee ( ew ) and then decided that we were gonna go try this new gluten free restaurant. A GF restaurant that specializes in pizza and pasta sounds like MY kind of place.

First we stopped at the lake by my house to see the sun setting over the lake and it was SO PRETTY ( hi bf, just a heads up we’re doing this again ). It was so stunning with the autumn colours, the pretty blue of the lake and the red/pink sunset in the sky… I was in heaven. I needed some sort of colour in my life to make up for the lack of colour I was wearing. <<<< black-on-black( -on-black-on-black ) is my jam in the fall… and winter, spring and summer.

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After I made us watch the sunset for all of 5 minutes ( it was cold and we were starving ) we went to heaven the GF pizza and pasta restaurant. It was SO good. Funny story though, we knew it was GF and assumed everything we ordered would be GF which is PERFECT since I’m not really supposed to eat gluten ( even though I can’t help myself when cookies are around ). The sacrifices I make for cookies are unreal.

Then we find out, after I ate half a garlic fingers and almost all of my personal pizza that YOU HAVE TO REQUEST GLUTEN FREE CRUST. Ooops… So I suffered a stomachache for the night and ended up super tired/had a really bad headache/felt shitty all day today. But guys – the pizza was SO good, it was almost worth the suffering. Next time we’ll get it GF though… I’m sure it’ll be just as good ( I’ve heard so many good things about the crust and noodles from this little bistro ).

Date nights are obviously the best nights ever. Nothing beats surprises at work that turn into impromtu sunset watching, pizza eating, then YouTube binge-watching, cuddling in bed, playing word games on his iPhone kind of date nights ( ha, are we boring or what ). So heyyy bf, we’re gonna do this more often. I just decided this right now.

This week is going to be full of last minute fall and Halloween activities!! Def carving pumpkins, making Halloween treats, watching Halloween movies ( I’ve never seen Hocus Pocus… that’s about to change this week ) and trying to not gain 10 pounds before Saturday night so I don’t look like a total dummy in my costume. Pray for me plz&thx. After Halloween I feel like it’s less acceptable to want pumpkin everything and go to pumpkin patches and stuff so I’m gonna jam it all in to the next 5 days. Good thing I have an 8-page paper due Saturday night. A paper due on Halloween should be illegal right? UGGGH is it Christmas yet? The struggle between Oct 31 and Dec 24 is REAL.

I hope your weekend was as chilled as mine. Kick Monday’s ass tomorrow! Don’t let anything get you down ( repeating this 800 times to myself tomorrow. We’ve GOT THIS ).

xx julieann

[ purse and boots are from a few seasons ago but are both Steven Madden if you’re interested ]edited192
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++ hugest shout out to my bf for the awesome pics he always takes. These sunset pics are some of the best! I would be lying if I said I took every pic on my blog ( minus the ones I’m in… I OBV didn’t take those. I’m not that talented, wouldn’t that be cool? ). He takes the majority of them and I can’t thank him enough… So shout out to my amazing bf for always being down to take a million pics even though I know he’d rather be doing anything besides that. You are the best.

++ I PROMISE tomorrow’s post won’t be a fashion post, swearrrr.


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