leaf printed shorts

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Ok hi hellooo what’s going on? It’s been crazy around here – as usual.

We volunteered at ( set up ) the Jazz Festival in 26 degree heat all day yesterday and then Daniel and I ran around like chickens with our heads cut off last night, trying to prep for today. And today was a water day run by our youth.

For like 50 kids.

Under the age of 10.

It was insane, but SO FUN.

I’m only a little bit tired ( jk, exhausted ). And sunburnt. Arghhhh. Couldn’t be more mad at myself. Honest, I put on sunscreen before we started and then all of a sudden it was three hours later and we were done & I was burnt. Not badly, but enough that I am not a happy camper.

& on top of all that, I’ve got so many planes to fly and airports to run. Seriously. I’m obsessed with Pocket Planes like #throwbackThursday but OMG it’s addicting. I went through this phase where I played it non-stop and that’s basically me again. I love snack / lunch / bus time at work because then I can fly my planes. I also sometimes take extended bathroom breaks & play. Don’t tell my boss ( oops, hi Daniel haha ).

Anyway, this outfit.

I was shopping in Dynamite maybe a month ago, and the girl working there was wearing these shorts & a similar black top and I shamelessly asked her where the shorts were and told her that I was going to copy her outfit because it looked so cute. She was pumped, I was pumped, the shorts are great and I’m obsessed with this outfit.

The shorts are a more dressy feeling material. I couldn’t tell you what it’s called and I’m WAY too lazy to get up and look, but it’s like that material that you would have for a bridesmaid dress ( only maybe a little more comfy ). The pattern is so cute, I’ve always wanted something leaf print but it’s kind of an obnoxious print so I had to find one I really liked. I feel like it’s a classic outfit paired with a black top & you can make it feel a little more fancy if you chose a flowy black top or a dress shirt. I also wore these shorts one day with a baggy cardigan and dressed it down a bit and they still looked cute! Gold accessories are my fav to wear with these shorts as well.

I’m about to crash – after I fly my planes of course! Thanks for reading XOjuly1 46 july1 47 july1 48

Outfit Details:
Shorts: Dynamite
Shirt: Garage
Purse: Marshalls
Shoes: Steve Madden
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters


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