burnt orange floral fall romper

august28-32 august28-33 august28-35 august28-36 august28-37 august28-38 august28-39 august28-40 august28-41 august28-42 august28-43 Outfit Details – Romper: Dynamite | Sweater: Brandy Melville | Tights: H&M | Hat: Forever 21 | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters | Choker: Forever 21


 Hi hi hello,

Things are about to change around here again.

There’s something about the change of season that just gives me so much motivation, desire for creativity and the feeling that I need to shake things up a bit.

Fashion posts will not be going anywhere, but I want to re-incorporate health, wellness & lifestyle back on to The Intimate Brunette.

I mean that is why I started this blog, so I don’t know why I keep trying to give it up.

Fashion posts are my FAV. I love shopping, I love putting together outfits, and I love the creativity of shooting the photos ( & spending time with my most favourite person while doing this ).

But I feel as though health, wellness and lifestyle posts are creative too.

Just in their own way.

And I’m about to bring back the rambly lifestyle posts with a b a n g.

Starting next week ( hopefully, as long as I get some photos shot this weekend ), this space will be bursting with a ton of new content – health, wellness, tips & tricks, beauty, and of COURSE fashion. #becauseduh. I’ve already written four lifestyle posts and I’ve got a TON more ideas dying to get out – I just need the time to devote to sitting and writing them.


Anyway, this OUTFIT.

I picked up this romper right before I left for Cuba and to be honest, it was something I grabbed because it was in the sale section of Dynamite & it was on a really good deal.

Honestly, I wasn’t really sure that I A) liked the colour, B) liked the style, and C) liked it at all in general. But then I tried it on & I fell in love.

The colour is the absolute PERFECT colour for fall.

I love how easily this romper can be paired with fall accessories ( floppy hats, booties and tights ) and not look like it’s a summer piece that you’re desperately trying to wear for a few more weeks.

Chat with you guys soon,

xx JE



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