canada day whiteout

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Helloo, hello.

OK, so I think we are back in business.

Technical difficulties be gone ( & stay gone ).

Daniel came over last night and was very rational in his thinking and figured it out – it was actually quite simple looking back at it. But I’m irrational when I get frustrated and can’t seem to figure things out because I’m too busy being a crazy person.

ANYWAY. Thx so much, Daniel, you da best, couldn’t live without ya, love ya long time XO.

I wore this outfit on Canada Day AKA yesterday and I absolutely LOVE it. I posted this shirt on Instagram ( follow, follow! ) a couple days ago and I had it paired with black ripped jeans & I LOVED the outfit, but it felt a little fall-ish to me. In my defence, even though the calendar says it’s July ( well it was the end of June at the time of wearing that outfit ), it does not mean it’s warm out 24/7 & that particular day was rainy and chilly. Pairing this top with ripped denim shorts and cute lace-up sandals was definitely more summery & wearing white is what I do on Canada Day. I don’t own much cute things that are red / don’t like wearing red too much if I’m being honest.

This top is actually one of my most favourite pieces of clothing that I own right now ( don’t quote me on that, I say it a lot… & I do mean it every time I say it. I just love shopping for cute things #ihaveaproblem ). It’s from Forever 21 but it seriously does NOT feel like it. It’s so soft and feels like such good quality. I mean I haven’t washed it yet, but it’s about that time seeing as though I’ve worn it twice this week and in order to keep white clothes well white, you got to wash them often… We’ll see how it fairs in the washing machine. I’m thinking I’ll wash it in a lingerie bag just to keep it away from other clothes so the lace doesn’t get caught / rip. I’m not usually this attached to F21 clothes but this… I LOVE.

I’m off to bed to rest up & shoot some more outfit pictures with Daniel tomorrow. We’re concluding it was a shooting / camera error ( maybe also an editing error, who really knows… technology is weird / annoying / #overit ) so we need to re-shoot some outfits… #bloggerprobs. Hope you all stayed safe on Canada Day & if you’re in the USA, stay safe on the 4th! XOjuly1 5july1 8

Outfit Details:
Halter: Forever 21
Shorts: American Eagle
Shoes: Steve Madden
Purse: Marshalls
Sunnies: Coach


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