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august6 62 august6 63Weelllll HELLO.

It’s been a minute or two since I’ve been around & to be honest, I’ve needed a break. Maybe not a break from the blog ( because I LOVE it here! ) but a break in general because everything has been SO overwhelming in the worst possible ways, as you know if you read my last post.

I worked crazy hours this week, the BF / my boss ( lol ) was out of town for a couple days & shit got wild at work, family is down from out of town visiting and my anxiety has been crayy.

We’re currently down at the beach house and I am LOVING it.

Daniel and I didn’t get out of bed until like almost 11am, we drank iced coffees, went for a long beach walk, did some blog stuff, just chilled and played a ton of cards. Then we all went for a family dinner at the most bougie ( yet beautiful ) buffet & I may or may not have had two plates of food + two cups of soup ( and one more for dessert because #glutenfree ).

Today the weather has been MEH. It hasn’t been super cold, but it also hasn’t been hot. It wasn’t overly sunny but it hasn’t been raining either.

I don’t understand it but I’m also not complaining.

I like this weather because you can do stuff outdoors and not sweat to death / feel like you need a shower immediately after stepping out of the door.

I wore this lightweight beige knit sweater paired with my go-to ripped denim shorts all day. I hadn’t planned on wearing the sweater ALL day, but when I went through the clothing I packed in my suitcase, I realized I didn’t pack a single shirt.

I thought it was annoying that I didn’t have any pajamas to wear last night, but no shirt to wear today kind of trumped that annoyance. <<< see how not all here my brain was this week??

Anyway, I ended up totally loving this outfit & its chilly day beach vibes.august6 64 august6 65 august6 66 august6 67august6 88 august6 89 august6 90 august6 91 august6 92For dinner, I kept on my sweater ( because um hello, it got even colder ) and I wore it over top of a purple & white flower printed hi-lo dress.

I’m not usually a hi-lo dress kind of girl, but I actually liked this one that I picked up from UO … on sale, of course ( !!! ). The hi-lo isn’t super defined in this particular dress which I think is why I liked it. Also the pattern is SO cute, I couldn’t resist.

It’s actually a halter neck too – not that you can see it in these pictures – but it is halter with a small button in the back & I love it! Pairing it with a white lace bralette is how I have been generally wearing this in the heat.

Of course I wore my favourite brown gladiator sandals with both outfits & I wore sunglasses from UO with both outfits – although I switched to my black glasses at night because I felt like there was too much going on in my evening outfit for brown-ish sunnies.

I’m off to relax some more + probably sleep early again. I am loving this blissfully relaxing weekend. Like so so obsessed. I’m so thankful that I only have 3 days of work this week and then I get to come back here for 4 more days.

I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!

x julieannaugust6 93 august6 94 august6 95

Outfit Details:
Look #1:
Sweater: Forever 21
Shorts: American Eagle
Sandals: Steve Madden
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Look #2:
Sweater: Forever 21
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Sandals: Steve Madden
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters


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