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Slip Dress ( similar ) | Knit Sweater | Denim Jacket | Leggings | Booties ( similar ) | Choker ( mine is a faux suede black choker that I removed the pendant from )


OK, so I will admit that when chokers came back on trend, I was SUPER pumped. But I was also a little indecisive about whether I could actually rock one or not.

Back when I was in elementary school, when chokers were a huge thing before, I rocked one ( sometimes two, ok, most of the time two ) every. single. day. without fail.

Like, I seriously did not leave my house without one.

I wouldn’t be caught dead in my grade five classroom without a choker on.

It just wouldn’t be right.

When I noticed that people were actually wearing chokers again I was all ‘OMG yes, my day has come to shine again’ and then I was all ‘OMG no, how do I pull one off without looking like I’m 10 years old again?’… you see the issue here.

Well, once I bought my first one from F21 ( the ONLY place I buy them! ) it was like a rekindled friendship. I started out with just a simple black leather-material choker and have since branched out and I love lace ones and velvet ones! I’m not really sure if I’m into the ones with the gems or dangly metal pieces – just me, they look cute on other people! But I do love experimenting with different colours now.

I actually wore the first one I bought to death and had to splurge on some more.

I’ve fallen back into that grade five trap of never leaving my house without one around my neck.

It just wouldn’t be right.

I paired my choker with this slip dress over top of a knit sweater because I’m a HUGE fan of dresses over shirts / sweaters this season. Like a mega huge fan. I love it!

I also wore my favourite leggings ( 2 for $18 at Costco, I love a good deal on leggings! ) with this outfit because honestly, this weekend was freezing. I mean today might be 20C outside, but this weekend it was cold. And windy.

So freakin’ windy…

I needed all of the warm clothes.

How do you guys feel about chokers? Are you rocking them or are you passing on this trend?

My inner ten year old self is going to be seriously heartbroken when the choker trend is over…

x JE

layers-and-lipstick-linkupPS – today is Tuesday, so as always, I am linking up with J Petite & Pucker Up Style for their weekly Layers + Lipstick linkup. This week’s theme was purple makeup and chokers ( duh ) & next week’s theme is poofy pony tails and hats ( eeekkkk! Almost as excited for this theme as I was for chokers! ).

Check out their blog posts here & here



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