choosing to find happiness

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Yesterday I told you to go out and kick Monday’s ass. Today I woke up and it was a a crisp fall Monday morning. I felt insanely motivated to literally kick Monday’s ass. I immediately changed out of my pajama’s, put on “real clothes” and got ready for the day ( my hugest tip for days off that you want to be productive is to take off the pj’s and wash your face, even though you’re not going anywhere. You feel less lazy and it motivates you to actually do something ). <<<< try this I promise it works. I did 3 assignments in like an hour, did some yoga and made green juice. Hello productive Monday morning. This morning I chose happiness. I chose to be productive and motivated and to get shit done.

Some people choose to believe that happiness your destiny. You’re either happy or you’re not and there’s nothing you can do about it. They think that happiness is not something that you can change.

I call bullshit on that. Happiness is your choice. <<<< def aware that there are some people who suffer from mental health issues and happiness cannot be controlled and I sincerely feel for you, but what I’m talking about is the happiness that you CAN create for yourself even among all of the uncontrollable obstacles that life may throw you.

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Obviously there are things that you know that make you unhappy, so why the hell do them? Well I mean maybe some of those things are mandatory, like work, school, going to the dentist, driving your little brother to his basketball practices ( mom you owe me for this one ), paying your Visa bill, waking up early, doing a workout that you hate… Even when you are doing these necessary yet brutal tasks, you CAN STILL CHOOSE happiness. You don’t have to whine about it, complain about it, and look at everything negatively. Change it up. Reward yourself. If it’s not necessary to do, don’t do it.

There are things that you can do that will impact your overall happiness and this will make those little things in your life seem less taunting and shitty to deal with.

You can look at the annoying yet necessary things in your life as bumps in the road or a “means to an end”. My mom swears by this saying. I can’t even count on both hands how many times she’s said to me “it’s a means to an end”. Obv this doesn’t apply to driving your brother somewhere or going to a dentist appointment ( because those are hella annoying but little tasks that take no time to complete ). But big annoyances, things that can impact your happiness, like school and homework = a means to an end. Look at them like this and your attitude towards them will change. Happiness will come but only if you allow it to.

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It’s shit while you’re going through it but the blood, sweat and tears will pay off in the end. Obviously this is a bit dramatic for homework, school and work ( BUT university does get tough people ). I reward myself for doing things that bring me unhappiness. If I have a paper to write, I’ll buy myself a GF donut and stare at it until I have my paper done. Maybe this sounds crazy, but it actually works for me. If I have to pay off my Visa, I’ll reward myself with a little treat from the mall. Sure it sounds counterproductive but it’s what works for me. I am working towards something and rewarding myself so that the unhappy, annoying tasks can bring me a little feeling of happiness.

I’ve talked about how I plan to stop doing shit I hate & honestly, this has helped my happiness SO MUCH. By eliminating little things that have been making me unhappy that I don’t actually need to be doing, I’ve seen an increase in my overall happiness. I also have been appreciating the little things like lower gas prices ( instead of complaining about getting gas, I’ve been appreciating that it is under $1/liter ha ). <<<< by appreciating the little things in life, this allows you to find happiness EVERYWHERE, ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME and it’s great. Traffic has been shit lately in the city and I have to drive through it twice a week to class. Sure it’s annoying as hell, but I’ve been blasting music ( hello Carrie Underwood, Jana Kramer & Selena Gomez ) and singing, while drinking a nice hot tea on my drives and it is helping make this unhappy time happier. Also while in the car I am enjoying the autumn leaves. SERIOUSLY they are so freakin’ pretty this year. I’m pretty sure I annoy everyone I’m with because I constantly talk about the leaves. I’m all about enjoying the little things that can bring me happiness during unhappy tasks.

edited139 By choosing to not simply just complain about things and changing things that are making me unhappy, I am choosing to be happy. I’m not just accepting the bad things and the fact that maybe I should be unhappy. Looking for the positives in life is really helping me out and I am a full believer that happiness is YOUR choice. There are not a select few of people destined to be happy and others who are destined for a life of unhappiness. YOU control it. So make those changes and live your happy life.

This week I am focusing on happiness and making sure that I continue to do what I need to do to feel so so so happy! I’m gonna work on a sleep routine, work out routine, blog/homework/work schedule and get everything taken care of. I work best under a routine and schedule and I know that this allows for me to be happy, so I am going to do that for myself.

Choose happiness this week! What makes you happy? Do you enjoy the little things, and do you try to find happiness when doing things that make you unhappy? Let me know!

xx julieann

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