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Last night I baked shortbreads with my mom and today I baked with Alexah and we made the best sugar cookies plus the gooiest, most delicious brownie trees ever.

I really don’t know who is going to eat all of the treats… we made almost 70 sugar cookies ( I don’t know why ), about 30 shorbreads and 2 pans of brownies haha. I’m sure someone will eat them because they are SO tasty!

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We got the brownie recipe here. It’s the most delicious brownie I have ever tasted. We doubled the batch but we used pans that were too big so the brownies are really thin and they were hard to get out of the pans. Definitely recommend using small cake pans or putting a double batch in a bigger pan instead of splitting it between two.

We attempted to cut them in to triangles but we struggled because they were so soft and broke easily. We used green icing for the tree, sprinkles for ornaments and a yellow star sprinkle for the tree topper. We broke small candy canes in 1/3’s and stuck them in the bottom for the trunk. I think these turned out SO CUTE.

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We found the sugar cookie recipe here and the icing recipe can be found here. We chose this cookie recipe because it doesn’t require you to let the sugar cookie dough sit for any length of time! And you can’t go wrong with butter cookie icing.

They turned out really well, but we did have to cook them for longer than the suggest 8-10 minutes.

The icing looks pink… because no matter how much food colouring I put in, it wouldn’t turn red… but they still taste good. #frustrating

Seriously hope my fam eats up the treats because I will hate myself if I eat them all haha. They’re just so good though!

Have you done any Christmas baking? What’s your favourite baked treat for the holidays?

x julieann

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