a month of christmas| blogmas day 7


I always love doing things to get me in the Christmas spirit because honestly Christmas isn’t just one day ( or two ) if you count Christmas Eve. It’s from December 1 until the 25, at least. Boxing Day is fun and relaxing and cozy too and I like to keep on celebrating.

There’s a few things that I like to do every December and they are pretty little things but they make me happy and get me in the Christmas spirit!


– drive around and look at the lights <<<< especially fun if you do it in your pajamas
– drink lots of warm Christmassy drinks
– bake shortbread cookies with my mom
– curl up with holiday movies ( ELF! ) and eat too many treats
– wrap presents <<<<<< guys I LOVE wrapping gifts. If you need gifts wrapped & hating doing it, hire me! I wrap all the presents my mom buys, even my own, after she boxes them up!
– light candles, turn on our indoor lights and read under fleece blankets
– decorate my bedroom
– listen to Christmas music while driving ALWAYS
– force my brother to get a cheeky little picture with Santa for my mama
– pray for a snowy Christmas Day ( haha seriously, I do this all the time in December )

I’m constantly doing Christmassy things, I can’t even think of them all! Do you guys do anything fun during December to make the holiday last a month long like I do? Or am I just crazy!?




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