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I loveeee wrapping presents as you all know, but what I love even more is Christmas shopping and picking out gifts that I think each person will really truly like.

I went through phases of DIY Christmases, big gift Christmases, cliche gift Christmases.

My favourite thing to do lately is to pick out gifts that people won’t buy for themselves, or gifts that I know someone will LOVE and spoil them.

I only need to buy 3 more gifts and I am finished. I’m pretty much done wrapping too ( my gifts! ) but then I get to wrap all the ones my mom buys and boxes. I am so excited! More wrapping!

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One of my favourite things to do is walk through the outdoor shops on warmer nights ( AKA still freezing ) and look at the pretty window displays and nights. One night last week, Daniel and I went out and wandered around for a bit, until we were frozen. Then we headed home, ate snacks and watched TV wrapped in blankets to warm up. It’s SO cold around here but I want to soak up all of the Christmassy things!

I’m so excited to have all of my shopping almost done, presents wrapped, house decorated, tree coming this weekend & it SNOWED yesterday… it’s really starting to feel like Christmas! I can’t contain my excitement. I’ve been bouncing off the walls all week! 10 sleeps!

x jc

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