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dec8 13

I make a wish list for Christmas every year and I will let people know items off of it if they ask me what I would like for Christmas.

This year I made a pretty long list because I knew a lot of the stuff was expensive so I wanted people ( especially my parents / grandparents ) to be able to pick and choose and not feel like they HAD to get me what I wanted, even though it was expensive. <<< I like to give them multiple things to choose from so that it can be somewhat of a surprise too, and I don’t assume that I’m going to get what I ask for because I put down more than like 1 or 2 things.

I like to ask for things that I use a lot, but that are annoying to buy for myself because then I get what I want / use, but I don’t have to spend my own money on it. #winwin

Basically my list this year was:
– a black winter coat that isn’t too puffy ( I have a long black Canada Goose coat, but it is so thick and bulky, and REEEEALLY warm, so it sucks to wear it all the time )
– new black Lululemon leggings
– books ( my mom has a list from me #bookworm )
– LUSH fresh face masks
– light grey Nike Frees
– NARS creamy concealer ( I hate buying expensive make up, so I always ask for it for Christmas as a treat )
– Gossip Girl on DVD ( LOVEEEEEE )
– Pandora charm
– lip balm
– handknit hat / scarf ( by my mama )
– comfy but cute sweat pants
– night stand tables for my room ( hey IKEA, come to Atlantic Canada plz & thx )
– short, white Puma socks ( god bless Costco )
– Bioderma micellar water
– FitBit bracelet
– clothes ( duh )

obviously don’t expect to get all of this, or even HALF of this. My mom always tells me to put a lot on the list so that she can pick and choose, plus she does the shopping for my grandparents as well… And like I said, I like to give her a lot to choose from so that I still get somewhat of a surprise.

What are you asking for this Christmas? Anything fun? Or do you like practical, every day things like me? 4 sleeps!!

x julieann

dec8 18


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