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Hi guys.

Such a late post today… we got back from the beach house after a seriously much needed 3-day escape but we had to drive back in the remnants of Hurricane Matthew, scary stuff.

My heart goes out to all of those who were affected by this storm.

I cannot imagine what they are going through right now… I thought today was bad enough here.

Then my car died. Like 100% dead, almost on the highway… lucky I was able to turn off but then I just chilled and waited for my parents to rescue me.

Also I was out with my grandfather for dinner and have seriously just not had the time to write a post for the day yet.

So here it goes. Better late than never, I guess.

Fall is the #1 season for fashion in my opinion. Like seriously, the weather is perfect for dressing cutely. You can layer so many different pieces, wear cute shoes and not freeze / sweat to death when you step outside.

Summer is too hot and winter is too cold… fall is KEY for fashion.

There are so many pieces that I have been re-using from my wardrobe this season because really, who has the funds to go shopping for a whole new closet every single season? I wish…

But today’s post is going to be about the pieces that I have picked up so far this season to add on to my ( already huge ) selection of pieces for autumn.


+ Cape / poncho: so cute, so on-trend and actually oh so practical. I mean, usually things that are ‘trendy’ are less on the practical side but capes and / or ponchos do the trick. They keep you warm, are GREAT for layering and are so stinkin’ cute, it’s unreal. I may or may not have picked up three so far this fall ( I couldn’t help it – they were all on MEGA sale & I mean under $30 for all three… ). I love layering them over top of a dress or a chunky knit sweater, maybe throwing a scarf on overtop if it’s that chilly out – thankfully it hasn’t been this cold yet, but I know it’s coming and pairing a cute pair of booties with it. Outerwear can be so chic and ponchos / capes are just that.

+ Hat: bad hair day? Wear a hat. Don’t feel like brushing your hair? Wear a hat. Cold outside? Wear a hat. Want to look chic and trendy? Wear a hat. I’m getting more and more into wearing hats as the weather gets cooler. I feel as though hats just complete any outfit you choose to wear. I already owned a few hats ( floppy hats and fedoras ) but I wanted to pick up a few more for this season in different colours plus I need a few cute beanies & so I’ve been working on my hat collection lately.

+ Blanket scarf: almost never from September until March am I ever without a scarf on. I feel like scarves just take a cozy outfit up a few levels and they’re so practical too. My preference is definitely blanket scarves, or at the very least, a big bulky scarf that bunches up at my neck because I really like them to keep me warm and cozy. Blanket scarves are ideal though because you can use them as a cape thrown over your shoulders if you get a little chilled.

+ Skirt: my favourite bottoms to wear this fall have been skirts. I’ve never really been a skirt girl because I felt as though they were always too ‘dressy’ but with suede skirts, corduroy skirts and denim skirts coming back in style, I’ve been obsessed. Obviously I’ve had to pick up a few skirts so far this season because I really didn’t own any ( aside from maxi skirts ). I’m still on the hunt for the perfect denim skirt, so if anyone is a skirt fan like me and has a recommendation on where to pick up the best one, let me know!

+ Turtleneck: this is another throwback piece, but seriously totally into the turtleneck trend. It’s like mixing two of my favourite fall pieces together into one go-to piece. They’re like a mix between a chunky knit sweater and a full, bulky scarf all wrapped into one & I couldn’t be more into it. My favourite turtleneck pieces that I’ve picked up this season were two dresses that pair so perfectly with over-the-knee boots and a cape.

+ Choker: another total throwback… I’ve posted about my love for chokers before & recently it’s intensified like a lot a lot. I’m almost NEVER not wearing a choker of some sort. F21 has the best selection of affordable and cute chokers and I can’t stop buying them. My favourites are lace ones and velvet ones… but there’s a ton of other cute options available too.

What are your must haves this season?

JE x


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