corduroy skirt throwback

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Happy Sunday!

Today’s post features one of the best textures that has made its comeback recently – corduroy. I feel like I used to see corduroy every where growing up and then like most things it just disappeared. One day I was dressed head-to-toe in a bright purple corduroy outfit ( seriously… ) and the next I wasn’t.

But this fall, I seem to be seeing corduroy all over the place! I mean ya, there may have been a bit of a comeback last year too, but this year it’s like really in your face & my inner corduroy loving self is absolutely obsessed again.

Not only has corduroy made a comeback, but mini skirts really are too. I see them everywhere & maybe own 3 in various materials… but who’s counting?

My inner 90’s child is L O V I N G these comebacks. When I see corduroy pieces, denim mini skirts, chokers and velour, I feel just as happy as I did about that Spice Girls comeback for the Olympics, anyone agree?

OK, so this outfit.

There are a ton of different ways to wear a corduroy mini skirt, but I went with a more laidback, comfortable and cute feel. I paired it with this oversized chunky knit sweater and a floppy hat, but you could totally pair this with sheer tights, a nice top and even a blazer ( depending on the style for sure ) and wear this piece in more put together, business-y way.

When it gets a little cooler, I’ll definitely be pairing this skirt with over-the-knee boots, a scarf and a coat because it’s such a versatile piece you can totally do this and wear it nonstop.

I am SUCH a fan of this piece… I don’t know about you, but mini skirts need to be here to stay.

I’m also really enjoying suede ( maybe it was never really OUT, but I feel like it wasn’t such a popular thing to wear at my age anyway ) and chokers… seriously love chokers with every outfit.

What is your favourite piece or even texture that is making a comeback?

JE x


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