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Hello hi good evening!

Well I don’t know about you but it’s been SUCH a productive Monday around here. I am officially ONE TEST away from being done this semester which means I am homework-free until September! I really couldn’t be happier. It needs to hurry up and be Wednesday so I can complete this test, be done school and be a 100% free little bird.

Even though I was super productive between work & final school assignments, I also took time today for me; to allow myself to do something spontaneous and still be productive. I allowed myself to go on a little ‘adventure’ so to speak and I enjoyed every single minute of it ( except when I could no longer feel my fingers – isn’t it April!? What is up with these negative temperatures!? ).

Lately I have been craving a lot & no, I don’t really mean craving food ( although that has been happening a lot. IPP is rough but I only have 2 more full days! I cannot WAIT to eat an egg & avacado breakfast sandwich ).

I’ve been craving adventure, exploration, creativity, trying new things, balance, routine, spontenaity, me-time, a fuller life.

I want to travel. I want to go on adventures. I want to experience every part of my hometown/province. I want to pack up my things and go away for a weekend. I actually woke up this morning, bored of staying in bed and having no energy and wanted to go for a run to the lake. I want to treat myself to things that I deserve to be treated to ( what’s UP Steve Madden lace-up sandals that I just dropped a pretty penny on! ). I want to explore. I want to go to every place on my list that I made a couple days ago and feel like I fulfilled a part of my life. I need to take time to see the places close to home that I’ve been trying to experience for ( in some cases ) years now.

I want to take a break from work. I want to cut back my hours. I want to allow myself to enjoy the time that I have here on Earth because time is so precious. I want to experience everything and live a full life. I don’t want to be wrapped up in how much money is in my bank account and spending every waking moment at work.

I want to be creative. I don’t really have a space in which I feel that I can be my most creative self. I know I work well at coffee shops but that comes with a price, also I don’t always have time to drive to a coffee shop, set up, be creative and drive back to where ever it is that I need to be. I need to create a space at home, somewhere close and constantly easily accessible, to allow me to be my most creative self.

I want to find balance and stick to a routine, all the while allowing myself to experience spontenaity and do crazy things. I want to find a happy-medium of hours to work versus hours to play. I need to figure out a workout schedule, designate meal times and still have time to go on adventures. I want to figure out a plan, stick to the plan but allow myself to act spontaneously sometimes.

I feel like I am currently really, truly bored. I don’t really think I’ve ever been “bored” until now. Sure, I remember complaining to my mom that I was SOOOooo bored on days in the summertime, when one friend was on vacation, the other was with her dad for the weekend, a few others were busy and everyone seemed to be doing their own thing. But this is a different type of boredom. I’m just craving something MORE. I’m craving a full life & that it what I am going to strive for. Now that school is almost wrapped up, I feel as though I will have more free time, I won’t be as sleepy and the weather is getting nicer, so I am ready to crush this boredom and fulfill my life, satisfy my need for adventure, exploration and creativity, all the while staying balanced and following a semi-strict routine.


Today, I decided to fulfill almosall of my cravings in one short period of time.

My typical day consists of waking up, eating breakfast, getting ready, watching my choice of trashy reality show for the day, going to work for 11:30, stopping in at Daniel’s for an hour or so to eat lunch / do homework / watch tv / squeeze in a nap if possible, going to work again for 1:45, getting off at 5 and either going home and eating supper, doing homework and sleeping, or heading to work for 5:45 and working until 9:00, going home and sleeping.

That’s been my typical day for a few months now and while I LOVE routine and work best when I stick to my schedule, it gets BORING.

Today, Daniel and I decided to skip the homework / nap / tv time & we went for a brief walk. I say brief because it lasted like maybe 15-20 minutes IF THAT. It may be April on the calendar but around here it is still freezing. I’m pretty sure it’s snowing out right now, which is so annoying, but whatever. I took some pictures of the ocean because we are so blessed to live right by the ocean ( I actually get to stare at it at 2/3 jobs and the only reason I don’t get to see it at the 3rd is because it’s mostly an inside job but during the summer I get to see it all the freakin’ time! ) & I also really liked these pretty buildings. I love how bright and happy they are. I’m saving the ocean pictures for another day, because even though the view makes me SO happy, these buildings really made my Monday. They just radiate happiness.

I was able to explore, go on a mini adventure in the time that I had, be creative with my photography ( promise, I’m working on it guys, photography is actually harder than it sounds! ), follow my routine MOSTLY, but be a little spontaneous at the same time, AND spend time with my favourite person. I don’t really think that my little 20-minute walk could have been much better than it was.

I seriously cannot wait to do this more often! I can’t wait to explore new places that are right around the corner, try new restaurants that I’ve never even heard of even though I’ve driven past them 800 times and go on adventures. Daniel, I hope you’re down!

I think I may do this again tomorrow in my little hour and a bit lunch break. It was good for the soul & I enjoyed it SO so much.

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++ As you may or may not know, I’ve been following the Ideal Protein Protocol for the past 2 weeks and it’s been going really well. The first week I saw IMMEDIATE results and this past week, I continued to see drastic changes. I had originally planned on doing a weekly follow-up for today’s post ( about my progress and thoughts on IPP ) but I’ve since decided that this Wednesday is my last day so I plan on doing a full review then. If you want to read about week one, you can do that right here

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