current summer obsession: t-shirt dresses

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Today has been a long one probably because it started at 5am after yesterday only ending around 3am.

I hate those nights where you just CANNOT sleep & you have no idea why???

It also always seems to happen on Sundays or some day earlier in the week for me, never happens on a Friday or Saturday when I could just chill all day. Anyway, it was super rainy and FREEZING this morning and all of a sudden, around lunchtime, the sun came out and it hasn’t stopped shining yet. It’s also ridiculously hot which is so weird!? I’m not complaining though! I’ve been waiting for this for a week now!

Ok, so speaking of summer, sunshine and hot weather – let’s talk fashion, shall we? As usual.

In my opinion, there’s no better staple item to have in your closet for the summer than a t-shirt dress ( or 5 ). Seriously. I’m obsessed. I love this particular one because it’s super light weight and the colour is gorgeous! I love the baby pastel pink colour and the material is so soft.

My favourite way to wear t-shirt dresses is to pair it with something around my waist – denim jacket, flannel, belt, etc. or to wear it with a baggy cardigan over top. I chose to wear a light wash denim jacket tied around my waist this particular day because I just love these two pieces together. I usually wear this outfit with some white hightop Converse and a backpack for a more casual look but I decided to dress it up a bit with white + floral sandals and my brown fringe purse ( because it’s my FAV ).

Do you guys love or love t-shirt dresses? I’m obsessed and probably definitely going to live in them all summer. Thanks for stopping by & reading. XOjuly1 78 july1 79

Outfit Details:
T-shirt dress: Windsor
Denim Jacket: American Eagle
Purse: Marshalls
Sunglasses: Coach
Shoes: Madden Girl


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