currently… 02.03.17


It’s been a minute, hasn’t it?

I don’t really know where the time has gone, but one minute I was spending hours re-designing the blog and working on new posts & the next I was swamped in school work, overwhelmed with a bunch of drama [ the teachers may or may not be on strike, my placement may or may not be cancelled, my mama’s teacher heart may or may not be breaking every day ]… So ya!

Here we are, almost two weeks later…

Today I thought I’d just do a fun post. I saw this over on Erika’s blog earlier this week & thought it could be fun.

As she said in her post – she loves being nosy & figures a LOT of other blog readers do, too ( isn’t that why you’re reading?? ). I know that’s why I stalk my favourite blogs. I may have been quiet on the posting front, but you bet I was staying up to date with my favs these past two weeks. These types of posts are perfect for people like me, you and Erika.

here’s what I’m currently…


Tons of games and activities for a youth program that I work, orrrr lesson plans. Lots of lesson plans for school / upcoming placement [ if it happens ].


Lately, I’ve been cooking a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches – or my FAV, grilled cheese on GF bagels. I’m not quite sure that this actually counts as cooking… but it’s the best that I can do.


Water, peppermint tea, iced green teas ( from Starbucks, order with no sweetener! ) & an iced vanilla bean latte for a treat every once in a while.

I’m trying really hard to cut back on my sugary coffee intake… but it’s SO hard! I feel like I don’t need the whole ‘caffeine’ thing, but I love treating myself to a nice sugary vanilla coffee after spending 3 hours in class each morning. I’ve only had 2 this week and the week is almost done so I guess I’m making progress, right??


Lots of grilled cheese??? Plus green smoothies – yummiest recipe coming soon, dark chocolate and almond granola, and it seems like every night for dinner is chicken and salad.


Textbooks on textbooks! PLUS there’s all of these supplementary readings on our online webpages… I feel like I’m drowning in readings for class this semester! I’ve also been reading a ton of new blogs lately and I’m totally obsessed with them.

[ check them out here: Addicted to Lovely, Aspyn Ovard, Kalein It ]


This whole teacher strike thing to END. And for my university to support the teachers / not sue them??? #savethedramaforyomama


At trip prices c o n s t a n t l y. I am in dire need to go on a beach vacation ASAP.


Tag all the time at work?? Does this count?! I can’t even say ‘no’ – they’re too dang cute.


My time… on the most random of things, such as watching seasons of TV shows in a row, watching YouTube for hours a day and staring at the ceiling for fun ( no seriously, I do this too often lately! ).


Toooo many new swimsuits for a girl who isn’t even going on a beach vacation any time soon! I need to book one like yesterday.


Ummm not a thing!


For no more snow!! We had such a mild January… I’m pretty sure that it only snowed once and it was basically gone the next day. As soon as February hit, we got hit with some snow and apparently we’re due for more on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Send help!


A whole random assortment of things – the sunny days ( that have been happening SO often! I don’t want them to end! ), my new planner, sneakers, GF pitas, guacamole and iMessages on my MacBook ( key for school! ).


That the groundhog was correct around here yesterday! Sam [ our municipality’s famous groundhog ] didn’t see his shadow, so spring must be on it’s way!


At the fact that I’ve been blogging ( on & off, and never very well ) for over a year and a half and I still love it so much! I really am determined to make 2017 the year.


Some vitamin D & not the kind that comes in pill form! I seriously spend hours a day wishing I was on the beach somewhere. It really is my happy place & I always leave the beach – no matter where it is – feeling so incredibly relaxed, refreshed and re-inspired. I feel as though I am going to just book a vacation! I can’t stop thinking about it!


UGH – I’ve been burning candles every night before bed & I’m seriously back on the Bath and Body Works train… I’m currently going between vanilla bean and sparkling water. Obsessed.


My uniform lately = Lulu Lemon leggings, Adidas Superstars and a workout top ( usually a Gap one! ). Sometimes I’ll throw a cardigan over top, or just wear a jacket and a scarf. It has been decently warm around here lately, til today, so I haven’t needed too many more layers.


For my grandparents’ health! Always.


People really aren’t who you think they once were. It’s hard when you grow up and start drifting apart from people who you thought were going to be in your life forever, but really they were only meant to be there for a bit… It’s sad, it’s emotional, but it’s also OK. Better people, better times and lots of new memories are coming.


That my room is coming together so nicely is really making my life so much better! I really thrive off of whatever environment that I am in and I noticed that as soon as I cleaned, dusted, de-cluttered and re-arranged my room, my sleeping has gotten SO much better & I’m so much more rested. I actually love spending time in my bedroom before I go to sleep now.


About how excited I am for the weekend in the city with my family. We bought tickets to the local university basketball championships and we’re staying in a hotel for the weekend. I’m so excited because A) love basketball, B) love staying in hotels [ weird, I know, but I LOVE it ] and C) love my fam. One month to go!


My new bottle of probiotics?! That’s pretty boring but I’m so excited to try a new brand. I didn’t really think that the other brand was working too well. It was amazing at first, but then it just kind of stopped… So I’m super excited to try these new ones! I just finished the old bottle this morning.


Over my excitement for probiotics? Ha!


Completely exhausted, but super content with life. Life has been so incredibly busy lately, but I’m also kind of loving it. I really enjoy being go-go-go & lately, it’s been just that. I’ve spent a ton of time with my grandfather lately ( 3 hockey games and a dinner with him in the past week ) and I’m so enjoying it. I love his stories, his enthusiasm and his love of life. It’s contagious.

Alright, so that was fun! I really enjoyed this kind of post.

What have you guys been up to? What’s the weather like where you are? I’m so curious!

x JE


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